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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 2

Even "the way of stealing right original Chiali" which is contained to the love letter of the one original version and the beginning of two volumes corresponds with two talks of animation.
As for the portion of a love letter, in animation-izing, an original and the talk lack sequence.

When Asaba looks at, misunderstands and opens the envelope in a shoe cupboard, it is an admission-into-a-club report.
To but the reason for admission into a club ...
However, this is if you may regard as a splendid love letter.

I read Blog which the direction of others wrote variously about Iriya.
Or which is called the pros and cons about this work ...
I saw many reports seen critically.

I think that it is also difficult to collect into animation.

Words of Iriya impressive in one talk.
It is noisy.

At this word, a result which receives a quite cold look is brought from a class.
Even if a way of speaking is bad as me, the feeling of Iriya is known very well.
They are you and noisy ! to the woman of a class.

If only that is surrounded and it is heard inquisitively ...

And ... the words in the inside of a shelter.

It is true... It is if it is an air raid... It was good.
What was necessary was just to have died wholly.
It would be good if lost.

It will be called what lever if it thinks ordinarily!
In the position of Iriya currently fought by the front line although it is the words come to be alike of words ...

However, at this time, it is not understood why she says these words for those who know only animation.

Only as feeling which looked at animation, Iriya is a girl with many mysteries.
Asaba is an ordinary slightly uncertain boy.
But when saying, it says just (there is nothing rash).
Did the author want to write this?
It is felt such.

Although the opinion was also read as the treatment of Asaba is halfway, he is an ordinary junior high school student... I think that it is such a thing.
It is alive somehow every day...
But it is in sometimes becoming it precocious...

In the 2nd talk, it is a date in a movie theater.
Iriya which can be regarded also as thin ... of a shadow notices a transmitter, and it is a toilet about Asaba, and physical examination.

Iriya at this time is another person completely.
A transmitter is disposed of, and the eye of surveillance is shaken off, and original Chiali is stolen and it escapes.

Enomoto's words show.
Subordinates -- it will begin.
Should not miss or don't fly a signal by any means to the insect of Asaba.
It is perceived by one shot in the Iri fields.

Iriya is excellent as a soldier.

And it is without it talks also to whom in Asaba in a park.
Talk about which it prefaces and speaks.
Usually and Iriya hardly talk, and although it is expressionless, they are the first long words at this time.

Iriya about which it speaks this much is the beginning, and the last.

Since Iriya also of expressionless one and a silent thing is a soldier?

It will be conviction if it thinks so.
But it is if troubles were considerably suffered when collecting into animation.
It is fictitious how much...
But it expresses by animation to those who do not know an original.
And the picture moves...

Although it will become three talk and a school festival from now on, it is severer

still... In the situation ...

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