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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 1/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 1/4

18:47 32 seconds.

Sonohara junior high school.
Five months before.

A dog comes for a greeting specially like you, and there is much Foolish called free one and it is troubled.
A fellow to whom the dog kicked off generally and who solves, comes out and omits Foolish talk one by one does not become a person good in the future.
I am likely to want to say in what done what.

I think that it is as probably a teacher saying scientifically.
However, the things and a teacher's abusiveness think that there is also what no relation.

Five months after .

Since it is room arrangement called Kane's room and my room when it continues with two rooms of a young woman and it is broken to the left, I who am troublesome for a long time understand well about [ which whose voice carried out where ].
I shut the lattice immediately.
Then, a young woman's voice stopped immediately.
Time that I have taken off shoes ...

That which Asaba says so much ...

Iriya Kana san of 2-4. Since he has a call coming in from Mr. Sato, please come to a staff room urgently.
Iriya Kana san. Since he has a call coming in from Mr. Sato, it is to a staff room urgently.

I am hopeless.

Why .

Kyokujitu a festival -- if a plan is done, you have to apply.

However, it is since a plan is done in the way of a newspaper part.

Does a newspaper part do a plan?

It does.

It is a guerrilla part?

It is a guerrilla part.

What is done as the plan of a newspaper part?

Although it was not decided yet.

Akiho. Association worsened.
After going into a newspaper part, it does not suit the time when after school returns.
The thing of absence of even the day of a rest -- many -- I am sad to carry out!

That ...

What, this smell?!

Shut a door the Sudo special correspondent and early.
It is for secret maintenance.

What is this?

It was surprised when I also came.
Seemingly, the manager neglected the lesson on the first today.

In this, that is phantom fighter in the Sonohara base.
My Sonohara Dempa Shimbun part performs the investigation report of a UFO phenomenon, and exhibition as a plan of a rising sun festival.
A theme is the phantom fighter of the Sonohara base!



Why will it decide only by itself? [ such ] [ important ] [ thing ] .
Is it said in the hope of me or Asaba that it is good anyhow?
At least the thing which even you want to do by a school festival should occur.

Obtaining -- obtaining -- me -- another ... if there is a plan which the everybody wants to do -- then, ...

Is it deplorable?

As for your intention, you do not have a thing -- boil.

If it is said that the Asaba special correspondent leaves a draft plan to other persons, it is one opinion at it.

It is anything tyrannical to decide on such a kitchen instead of things how much!

Answer -- the Sudo special correspondent.
It does not matter, if you will want to also do another plan.
Let's also perform it!
Then, any problem is not?

What does Akiho want do come out and to carry out?

It will think perfectly by tomorrow!

Well ...

Janken ...

It is orange juice to a ham sandwich, a fried pork sandwich, egg sand tuna sandwiches, and a fruit sand.

Imprudence was taken!

It and cup baking Soba -- a fellow with mustard and mayonnaise.
After, a banana.

It does not sell at a school store!

The convenience store on the other side at a video store.
It or Supermarket Maruithi.

It is comprehension!

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