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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 2/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 2/4

It is comprehension!

It begins.
The manager was able to be won at janken.
Doesn't it come out to a little outside?
The head has become painful.

But it is if it can come and does not do...

Although it is also good, something should also consider Asaba by tomorrow!

I understand.
That is right.
You have to say also to this thing and Iriya.

Such a thing is ! which does not need to be said.
Isn't there any good thing?
Why does it protect that child?

Isn't it such a problem?
Carrying out, after consulting with all the members on it first, if Akiho forms a plan in a part to the manager a while ago complained even the line.
With what is only Iriya made into an outcast at a thing?

It was decided!
I dislike her -- a thing.
Even everybody in class meets!
Nobody thinks that wants to make friends with her.

But if it actually talks, it understands.
Iriya is ... independently.

The reason for it having to be modest and having to make friends with her is what.
Doesn't even she think that she is not needed in a friend?
It surely meets!
I return.

It is 7 more days to a Kyokujithu festival.

Has it thought perfectly?

Akiho have some thought?

Issue of the Sonohara Dempa Shimbun part and a Kyokujithu festival special number.

But it ...

Is Iriya coming today?

I think that it is already coming.
Although the face is not seen yet.
Why does it turn out that the face is not seen?!

Iriya Kana san of 2-4. Since he has a call coming in from Mr. Suzuki, please come to a staff room urgently.

Official announcement.
It has 0750 today and preparation organization (DEFCON) is gone up from the 5th order to the 4th order.
All disposition members other than a conformity machine, a pilot support staff emergency summons.

Iriya Kana san. It is to a staff room urgently.
It is completely from early morning.

It is amusing.
That is what although it thought that I was strange from before.
Whom as Suzuki or Sato!
It is what -- ? and that broadcast.

I asked whether it came out together with the young woman toward Ken.
It was answered that Ken was not so.
Since it met by chance in the Masago town, it was explained that even the companion came back.

For a self-defense army and the U.S. Forces, by the press conference which the purpose of a blockade of 38-degree ocean space by this Union Army influence does not clarify still now, but was held the other day, blockade release of the ocean space concerned is ... immediately.

Nobody is here.
It is because it will be under lesson now if it says why it is!

Asaba ... ?

Didn't it leave earlier than usual?
It rests recently and was much.

It left earlier than usual.
Although left earlier than usual ... It is since time was given only for 1 hour...

Did it turn out that well, ... is also here why?
Does it turn out to be a school festival?

School... festival ...

Does Iriya have something to do for some by a school festival?
It is anything good.
Food -- also coming out -- a teahouse ...

The same as Asaba.
What of Asaba is carried out?

It is pardon!

What, that.

A plan of the that division manager.
School festival.
It is that although it has not completed yet...

How did it make?

There is a photograph which the UFO maniac took.
It is reference about saying so, since it will become a splendid number, if all are

collected from a famous fellow to suspicious one...
This is the model of the Sonohara base.
I think that it will become the little result if it completes.
It is although it is simple in the plan of exhibition.

Do so?
It is already such time.

It is already time.
Then, it is since it goes.

It is 6 more days to a Kyokujithu festival.

Whom do you think it is that it is the best form in an inner class?

Thuji, it, or Sugiyama.

I also think that I am Sugiyama.
Also it and Iriya.


It says very or the whole balance is fairly good touch.
Asaba and an experienced person need to tell.


If you returned to school.

When ?


A shadow is thin recently that fellow.

Isn't there any ladder in somewhere?
I think that supplies of provisions are also.
Instant noodles are the roof.
Me a few a policy .
I wanted to thank you with a meeting perfectly once.

When does Iriya come to a school?

One more ... Something to order occurs.

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