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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 3/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3 3/4

It is three more days to a Kyokujithu festival.

Two days.

One day.

A Kyokujithu festival, the first day.

Oh, he is Nishikubo kun.



Father and mother of Asaba.

Naoyuki has friends always made somehow.

Oh, Nishikubo kun.


One is asked.

Yes, it is divided into two hands and they are covered in the afternoon.

Why ?

Being very well .

Naoyuki was not able to get her but it is ?.



A while ago, what talk was carried out to Mr. Nishikubo?

Talk of a man and a man.

It is good in it being young.

That is right.

A... and that ... a... and me ... a newspaper ... ... of a newspaper part .

Which ?

The friend of that Naoyuki or Yuko.

O... of a newspaper part -- Sudo ... Akiho -- it is ...
The same class as Asaba Naoyuki kun ...


The ... Mr. Asaba's parents have come -- hearing it ... if a greeting is not extended ... I

am sorry.

It is good in it being young.

They are まぁ and difficult age.

Eri-chan is Ms. Shiina's younger generation truly?

Eri-chan is not the atmosphere of a teacher.

Ms. Sakisaka.


It is normal temperature.

Don't search.
Under going out.
Ms. Sakisaka.

He got tired, so that it died!


Just for a moment!
Is it getting drunk?

Oh! are and it is getting drunk.

Has not someone who incidentally resembled this come to the store to the barbershop of your house?

It is bad. It does not know.

There is no such thing.
Two persons will be to which tomorrow.

The theater out of which Yuko comes -- seeing .

It is a thing heard of for the first time.
If unoccupied and it will not go to see.

It is surely glad.

It is Asaba too.

A Kyokujithu festival, the second day.

I'm sorry.
The extra was seen.
Did Asaba do all?


There were no less than three misprints.

Then, it is although he wants to hear it also here...

Therefore, I'm sorry was said!

It is what -- the attitude?!
Where had it gone?
Last night!

It was curry.
They were evening boiled rice and curry.
They are me and a curry lover.
Therefore, it returned to the straight house, and he ate curry, and slept as bath ON last night.

It is what!
It ... ?


By the way, you -- what does it do after this?
As for you, something is a schedule and existing ?.

No, it is although there is nothing especially...

Its service is given for the sad youth in whom she is not.
Company is kept for an apology at the fire storm.

Required yes which cares.
I feel a folk dance or that he does not seem to like for Akiho...

How about Asaba?
Not much ... Practice is not carried out, either...

Since it carries out in practice etc., it is shameful in a folk dance etc.
Even first kiss should come out so.
It practices and does not carry out in acting before the audience.

Is it possibly getting drunk?

You -- it is not practicing.


Did it carry out?
Is not it carrying out?

It is not carrying out!


Is it OK?

What is not carried out -- a thing!
Greet quickly!

Which ?

Which ?

Which ?

Which ?

She also needs to walk.
Thank you.

They are the news which entered now.
Although it was the situation of Union Army which is increasing the degree of tension, front leaving ordered the point from a self-defense army and the U.S. Forces instancy to the airplane from the circumference of ocean space, and the vessel 38 degrees just.
It repeats.
It is set up around 38-degree ocean space...

Yes, yes yes, ...

Miss Sonohara!
It was the Shiina Mayumi !


Asaba-Naoyuki-kun of 2-4. Asaba-Naoyuki-kun of 2-4. Since he has a call coming in from Iriya-Kana-san, come to a staff room urgently.

It checked by telephone a while ago.
Urgently, it is what be returned.

Third order.

It is the first standby.
It is the first time in two years.

It becomes somehow.

Where is she telephoning from?

This circuit which must not be used in fact.
It has seldom talked for a long time.
Hear it silently.


The old Sonohara exercise place of a land self-defense army -- does it know?

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