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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 3

This 3rd talk is from preparation of a school festival to the end of a school festival.
In the original, it is written to two volumes.

Animation can be enjoyed by animation.
Some are expressed for the portion very important as deployment of the future talk by the picture.

Although there is also a dangerous smell in the rest from the situation of news, such a thing is a school festival to the extent that it is not called other people's affairs.

However, animation is read and compared with an original novel and the setting mistake with serious both is felt.

In Asaba, it is a setup called the second-year student in a junior high school.
In a junior high school student, the school festival with flexibility high so far is not performed.
What happens in case of a high school student or six-straight year secondary education?

When talking to the son (3 in the present), he was surely convinced the school festival of a high school of this school festival.

The sign which seems to be slightly unsavory is how many or ... by setup called a junior high school although the school festival of a high school is also unsavory.

And one more .
There is a decisive problem which makes this work unclear.

If Shana etc. is seen, the man of the role of Yuji will do narration and each will express the voice of the heart.
However, about this Iriya, it goes ahead all with the talk in conversation.
In narration, the voice of each one of hearts does not come out, either.

Does Asaba open a shoe cupboard before one week of school festivals, and is Akiho going to school then in Ilya?
It is heard.

Asaba knew that she was going to school on that day.
Because, it is since something was contained in the shoe cupboard of Asaba.
The first time is a cat and an admission-into-a-club report.

Since then, if it asks Iriya, it will have denied.
If Iriya goes to school, something is contained in the shoe cupboard of Asaba.
The thing which distributes and is free obtained in the middle of going to school, such as tissue of a thing.

Although there was this depiction in an original, Asaba opened the shoe cupboard and Iriya did not come by animation to a school just before the cultural festival.
(It was not able to come) .

And Asaba is a sigh if it is not coming today also, either.

And cultural festival that day.

The pocket bell which sound all at once at the time of the announcement of a female

competitive show.

The human beings of a base are whether it has come and the correspondence ...

However, although the man in the street hears a part by news, there seem to be no feelings not much.

A bicycle is run to the place where Asaba received the telephone of Iriya and was specified.

Probably, Enomoto arranged for Iriya which cannot participate in a school festival.
It is the folk dance danced by two persons although a hand is not taken.
In the original, Asaba does not notice but feel that Enomoto was told "See a top" about his ears is written.
If Enomoto probably flew voice to the insect of Asaba.

This time is touch as a conclusion shelf well at animation, although there is also a delicately unclear place.

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