Monday, September 29, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 1/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 1/4

Carry out a Suizenji response.

What is the matter?

She is as it is uncanny and disagreeable.
The peculiarity of a father.

Why .

It is that he is only such a dirty doing-things father even if it asks a friend.

Did Yuko say it?
For you .


A new thing.

Elder brother. What is that?
What is that smoke?

Elder brother. Also show me!
Elder brother.

Isn't it unsavory?
Is that the direction of the Sonohara base?

A red light of a fire the point ...
It repeats.
Explosion generated on the Sonohara base ...

Suizenji Kunihiro. ! Mobilized from now !

Don't listen to yesterday's affair.
That is all in such a thing today.
All the members come back from school.

It is ! calmly!
It is good or this is the measure of taking the safety of you into consideration.
Don't forget that it is an emergency.
It stays at home gently till the next going-to-school day.
I understand.

Asaba. Nishikubo. I will approach return at somewhere.

But it was said that Kawaguchi should return.

What is it doing?

The mechanical pencil always used was lost.

Do again?

Was it called neither an eraser nor ruler yesterday also?


It is good.
It is not warring immediately.
I will go -- I will go.
Asaba. Come early and be.



Is anything business?

How about going together, although it will appear in coverage from now on?
In me, the report of a delicious store introduction is written in the inner newspaper.
There is any genre.
Since it will go the to cover from now on, Iriya is also how together.
You do not need to care, if it is the said thing of Kawaguchi.
There is time with much trouble, and it covered as Iriya, the report was written, or, once, it cannot still have done.
Even Iriya is a newspaper member, and it will be troubled if I do not have Asaba become at least.
Does it come?
Doesn't it come?

Win by default.

I go.

Going today is the cake store.
There is it at the time with that for about 10 minutes by bus.

An orange pekoe and strawberry parfait.
I am the same as Akiho.

This is bad. Saying like this are whether it try to steal and whether to call it eavesdropping...

You should return, if it is right.

How ... is the taste?
It is sweet.

Special enlarged cream puff. Coffee taken out with water.

I am the same as Akiho.

Spaghetti, mayonnaise soy sauce and soda float ice cream.

I am the same as Skiho.

Oh! No!
Take and eat to a plate!

Is it this coverage?
I have done heartburn.

It is uncanny!
A woman's another belly.

Similarly don't consider it Akiho!

Iriya is not coming to a school festival.
Why ?
Just for Iriya having come, it is a school festival.
It has already been very pleasant.

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