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Shakugan no Shana 18 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 18 2/3

Yuuji says.
Did it wait in pardon?

Yoshida-san answers.
it can say -- completely .

Yuuji says.
Does it go?

Yoshida-san answers.

Thigusa says.
What was Yuu-chan done?
Is always it training from an afternoon on Saturday?
He should come back early.

Shana says.
It was said that today was from night.
Going to a festival is secret at him.

Thigusa says.
He may be stopping on the way.
We need to go Yuu-chan search.
He may be playing the fair with Ike-kun and others.
OK, if it leaves the memorandum.
Probably, for him, the way which met suddenly beyond is surprised more.

If Yuu-chan comes in a fair, it will buy an apple candy absolutely.
Do you also eat?

Memorandum: An apple candy is the thing which put the stick in the raw apple and wrapped the surface in the candy.

Did it carry out if you please?
Was Yuu-chan?

Shana says.
No, they are those different.

Tanaka says.
Please do not interfere with our training.
We are not feeling of coming to a festival.

Majyory-dou says.
It is noisy.
If it says that a woman goes out, associate silently.

Marukoshiasu says.
Awkward human whole and raw fish with its meat cut in slices will be made if you are continuing as [ that ].

Majyory-dou says.
He buys Eita, what, or alcohol.

Tanaka says.
Does it drink?

Majyory-dou says.
Is there any complaint?

Tanaka says.
It can say and there is nothing.

Ogata-san looks at Tanaka and others.

Ogata-san is called for a friend.

Yuuji says.
Have many stalls come out?
Is there any apple candy?

Yuuji worries Yoshida-san.
I want to know whether Sakai-kun is OK.
However, it is fearful.

Kamushin says.
The rest only waits for cooperation of that young woman.

Behemothto is also said.
This sense of incongruity worries me.
It may be because distortion is big.

Kamushin says.
There is no sign of Tomogara.
There is no method now.

"The pursuit person Dantarion" says.
It needs also using man.
Nobody has noticed Hureimu-heizu.

Domino says.
They are a professor and the completion of preparation.

Dantarion says.

Yoshida-san thinks.
Sakai-kun is surely OK.
I tell Sakai-kun that I like it.

Dantarion says.
Strategy start!

Hureimu-heizu and others notices an accident.

Shana thinks.
What kind of thing.
Any sign could not be found until now.

Thigusa says.
In Shana-chan and how did it carry out?

Shana says.
I forgot for there to be a promise.
Please return first.

Tanaka says.
Is it Tomogara?

Marukoshiasu says.
It is such.
However, it is strange that there is no sign only at Jizai-shiki.

Majyory-dou says.
Is it hidden in somewhere?
Our pastime is also to here.

Satou says.
We go to Haridan.
Is room of Tomogara explored?

Marukoshiasu says.
You got used.

Majyory-dou says.
Is the way known?

Two persons say.

Marukoshiasu says.
Are you going to be earnest and to take them?

Majyory-dou says.
By no means.
It is temporary.
It is necessary to explore by Haridan.

Marukoshiasu says.
It is easy to be right.

Majyory-dou says.
Even so, this Jizai-shiki is large-scale fairly.

Arasutouru says.
A mechanism like this is not an ordinary person.

Shana says.
He should also have noticed Yuuji.
Where are you?

Yuuji thinks.
It is connection to Shana.

Yuuji notices the situation of Yoshida-san being different.

Yuuji gets to know Yoshida-san with Touch.
Yoshida-san drops a monocle and runs away.
Yuuji gathers a monocle and it gets to know it with the tool of Hureimu-heizu.

Shana looks at the place in which Yuuji and Yoshida-san were together.
Shana says.
Why .

Yuuji says.
It was known by Yoshida-san.
I need to call it Touch.
You have to pursue her early!
Yoshida-san was crying.

Shana says.
What is necessary is just to leave her thing.
Do you understand?
Tomogara is moving.

Yuuji says.
It is understood.
But it is if it does not explain to Yoshida-san.

Shana says.
Yuuji must be together with me.
It is not necessary to talk to Yoshida-Kazumi!

Yuuji says.
It does not go to such a translation.

Shana says.
She should just let it alone.
It is not related to us!

Yuuji says.
Isn't it related?

Shana says.
Yoshida-Kazumi is not related.
An anyhow good thing!

Yuuji is also said.
I did not think that Shana said such a thing.
It is not good for me anyhow.

Yuuji pursues Yoshida-san and runs.

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