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Shakugan no Shana 18 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 18 3/3

A child speaks to Shana.
How [ elder sister my ] was carried out?
One painful somewhere.

Arasutouru also speaks to Shana.

However, the thing of Yuuji worries her and his voice cannot be heard.

She begins to run.

Kamushin is in the place at which Shana arrived.

Arasutouru speaks to them.
Were you Gisou-no-Karite and you?

Behemothto answers.
It is a long time, peevish and Tenjyou-no-gouka.

Kamushin says.
You are also to this Jizai-shiki...

Majyory-dou says.
He has a disagreeable premonition this confused Jizai-shiki for Marukoshiasu and me.

Marukoshiasu is also said.
This is "an investigator and Dantarion." .
That crazy professor must have done.
However, there is no sign of his.

Majyory-dou says.
It cannot but depend for this on Haridan increasingly.
It hurries and they are Keisaku and Eita.

Keisaku says.
Where did Tanaka go?
Did it get lost?

Tanaka is caught by Ogata-san.

Tanaka says.
Oga-chan and what is it?
it asks -- I am in a hurry.

Ogata says.
It does not detach, if you do not teach the thing of the woman who was together a while ago.

Tanaka says.
She is a free acquaintance.

Ogata says.
Really [ it ].

Tanaka says.
Now, since a very important thing occurs, please detach.

Ogata says.
You have deceived.
It is visible to a lie.

Tanaka says.
Oga-chan and I get angry.
Why do you say such a thing suddenly?

Ogata says.
I am worried.

Tanaka says.
I am in a hurry.

Ogata-san does not pull.

Tanaka says.
Why is it that you say such a thing?

Ogata-san says.
Since he likes Tanaka-Eita, I am worried!
Is there any complaint? !

The heart of Yoshida-san shakes.
Sakai-kun is Touch.

The heart of Yuuji also shakes.
Who handed Yoshida-san this?

Arasutouru says.
Have mind firmly.
The attack of Tomogara has started.

Shana answers.
Well, pardon.

Kamushin speaks.
Although it is the continuation like the point ... This Jizai-shiki enlarges distortion.
The way things stand, this town is understood by such big distortion that restoration becomes impossible.

Arasutoru says.
Are really such for what purpose.
Is there any measure?

Kamushin answers.
What is necessary is just to begin tuning.
Required marking was made to finish.
The cooperator who imagines the right figure of a town is required for the rest.

Behemothto says.
Those who ask are found.
It is delayed for a while.
She is Yoshida-Kazumi.

Kamushin says.
Is she known?
The sign of having taken the post of her belongs to you.
If she comes, tuning can be begun immediately.

Shana says.
I understand.
I take.

Arasutouru is worried.
Is it OK?

Shana answers.
The mission of Hureimu-heizu is achieved perfectly.

Dantarion says.
It is the time Hureimu-heizu and others begins an obstacle soon.
Does it understand?

Domino answers.
Yes, the 2nd strategy is begun.

Majyory-dou stretches Huuzethu.

Tanaka says.
Oga-chan, pardon.
I cannot do a reply immediately in a sudden thing.
Since he picks up anyhow later.

Tanaka begins to run.

Yuuji finds Satou.

Satou is aimed at.
Yuuji considers.
Why is he moving in Huuzethu? !
It will be attacked if it does not carry out somehow.
Can I do?

Yoshida-san is also aimed at.
She shouts.

Shana stands in the face of her.

She says.

It is surprised that Yuuji is at hand as for Satou.

Dantarion says.
It has risen!
What from now on, will happen or I am pleasure!

Domino also answers.
It skins.

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