Monday, September 1, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 18

Shakugan no Shana 18

It is as an original that Yoshida-san borrows a monocle from Kamushin.

The talk said that Shana and Yuuji come out of a town someday is also as an original.

The talk that Shana wears a yukata secretly to Yuuji on the day of a festival is also as an original.

A plan to say that Keisaku and Eita come out of a town together with Majyory-dou is also formed as an original.

The place which Yuuji gives a promise that it goes to deify with Yoshida-san and to which it goes together is also as an original.

It is also as an original that Yuuji goes out with Yoshida-san.

In an original, Yuuji puts the article which is in Shana in a pardon lack on the kitchen of a house.
It can laugh at this very much.

It is also as an original that Shana and Thigusa go out.
The portion which Shana tells Thigusa has gone home previously is not in an original.

It also goes for Keisaku, Eita, and Majyory-dou to look at a festival together as an

Fireworks go up by an original and an accident starts.
Although a bird flies about by animation and Jizai-shiki is done, a bird does not fly in an original.

Although Keisaku and Eita try to go to Haridan, it does not arrive easily as an original.
However, the reason for not arriving is different by an original and animation.

It is also as an original that Yoshida-san gets to know the thing of Yuuji.

And a quarrel of Shana and Yuuji is also as an original.
Although it is Shana which gives priority to a duty, it runs to feeling too much just for a moment.
I want to come to say.
Since association with man is shallow Shana, it may be unavoidable.
However, it is if such human beings are also increasing in number recently.
I think that I am such.

However, it is although it is not priority and he wants to refer to as a duty selfish, if actual.

In an original, the talk progresses without Huuzethu's stretching.
therefore, damage -- it becomes serious and Viruherumina is called as a rearrangement.
But with the animation version, Majyory-dou stretches Huuzethu.

A quarrel of Oga-chan and Tanaka and confession are as an original.

It is only the animation version which the talk finishes on the way for Huuzethu.
In an original, Tanaka sends Oga-chan to a house.

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