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Shakugan no Shana 19 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 19 3/3

Domino says.
Modification completion.
Hureimu-Heizu and others ... It is not.

A pursuit person says.
This is a climax!
And Ground Finale!
Experiment start.
Jizai-hou release.

Majyory-dou says.
To Bunbury's street corner .
I will ride on a horse and will go to see!
Also going to where -- accompaniment -- with -- !.

A pursuit person says.

Majyory-dou says.
It is usual passage crazy.

Shana says.
More than this and you do not make it make it fond.

A pursuit person says.
Eye fellows of the thinking stiffness which interferes with mysterious research.
Our best mortal work is shown.

Marukoshiasu says.
It is becoming foolish.

Shana is also said.
He only wants to do absolutely.

Kamushin says.
Please avoid.
I sink quickly.

Majyory-dou says.
Does it do?
Which an old person attacks !

Marukoshiasu is also said.
It is very unsavory.

Arasutouru says.

A pursuit person says.
It wins a great victory by carrying out, without fighting!

Domino says.
If meaningless even if it united.

A pursuit person says.
I decide whether I am meaningless.

Majyory-dou says.
For what purpose did he come?

Marukoshiasu says.
I do not want to know.

Yuuji is told to Yosida-san.
Is it OK?
I'm sorry.

Yoshida-san says.
Sakai-kun is so warm.
Aren't you cured any longer?

Yuuji says.
Real I am dead.
Present I am not man.

Yoshida-san says.
Sakai-kun is man.
I know.

Yuuji answers.
I am?

Yoshida-san says.
You are so warm.
Also the body and the heart.

Yuuji considers.
I am ... man...

Yoshida-san says.
I like Sakai-kun.

Kamushin says to Yoshida-san.
Please imagine your town.
It corrects and tunes distortion of this town.

Yoshida-san imagines the town to which he got used.

Yuuji feels.
Feeling of this town passed after being born.

Behemothto says.
It is good.
It is a warm image.

Yuuji remembers.
I have passed here.
Yoshida-san said my thing as man.

Shana is felt and shaken.
Yuuji does not come together with me.
I should do what.

Shana begins to run from the spot.

Shana becomes that it is likely to collide with a one woman.

She says.
Is it what?
Shana looks at and says her.

Berupeoru is told to a pursuit person.
I must have said "Don't do too much."
Your role must be lower preparation.

A pursuit person says.
The experiment was successful.
It is not complained by you.

Berupeoru says.
Sure .
Our plan will surely succeed.

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