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Shakugan no Shana 21

Shakugan no Shana 21

It is as an original that Viruherumina tries to break Sakai-yuuji.
It is better to destroy Sakai-yuuji by animation for a motion of Barumasuke.
Thus, Viruherumina says.
In an original, Viruherumina completely tends to destroy Sakai-Yuuji for another reason.
Since she does not want to fight with a certain man.
This man of a certain is a carry-over at animation version 2nd.

When Shana and Viruherumina become being confronting by animation .
Since Arasutouru said since Sakai-Yuuji is a required human being, he escapes destruction.
It is the same until it comes, when Yuuji is [ original ] the pinch.
Shana passes Buruuto-Zaogaa to Yuuji out of Yogasa.
And Yuuji cuts a ribbon.

And Shana is disliked in "emergency to Viruherumina, and shouts, !", and Viruherumina is stupefied.
That man comes to the place which is keeping standing in Huuzethu.

I read an original considerably, as flown, and I reread it anew this time.
By animation, Sakai-Yuuji has not gained Bruuto-zaogaa yet.
When it fights with an Aizen brother, Majyory-san brings it home.
How and when did it include the hand of Shana?
For me, this was a question.

At the time of a festival, Satou tries to carry it out freely and is scolded by Najyory-san.
He is scolded by Tanaka and Majyory-san passes it to Shana.

To a slight degree, Satou and Tanaka have it to the place of Shana, and go by animation later.

It goes to an amusement park with Yoshida-san in the second half of nine volumes of an original.
There is a disturbance also there.

However, the talk that the talk referred to as coming out of a town burns decoration of a festival by the thing of only animation is also only animation.
The talk of only the animation towards the animation version end continues after that [ all ].

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