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Shakugan no Shana 22 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 22 2/3

Yoshida-san thinks.
This is the world of Yukari-chan and Sakai-kun.
Even if it brings close to me, it cannot go to a side.
It is mortifying... It is mortifying.
It is that I can do nothing.
Sakai-kun ...

Shudonai says.
Are you good at it?

Hekatee says.
I am satisfactory.
It is if Reiji-maigo fills my desire.

Berupeoru says.
Are you having worries excessive till when?
Hekatee becomes those who fulfill the power of existence forever.

Shudonai says.
The thing [ saying that it fills ] worries me.
Are they things as adding an excessive hand to my pure Hekatee?

Berupeoru says.
No changes are carried out.
It can be said rather that it is important for Kon-no-seibyou that she is pure.
Now, it is the time preparation of Reiji-maigo is also completed soon.

Yuuji thinks.
Here ... Where is it?
I am such a place why.

Shana notices.

Viruherumina says.
Is it waking?

Shana says.

Arasutouru says.
Don't be panicked.
He is taken away by Seirei-den.
What is Barumasuke planning using Reiji-maigo?
It is the language of Gyakuri-no-saisha that I am worrisome.

Shana says.

Arasutouru says.
That is right.
If it becomes the spring of existence here.

Shana says.
Spring of existence ...

Arasutouru says.
The characteristic of Reiji-Maigo should recover the power of existence every night.
That is, ...

Viruherumina says.
Is it saying that Mistes is used?

Arasutouru says.
But, only the quantity of Reiji-maigo being recovered lost on that day is.
Considering the smallness of the vessel called Mistes, it cannot be said to be a great quantity.

Viruherumina says.
If there is no reason that carries out a large mechanism.

Arasutouru says.
Just like that.
It is thought that a certain plot is just therefore there.

Viruherumina says.
It will be soon in 0:00.

Shana considers the thing of Yuuji.

Yuuji thinks.

Me ... What am I doing?
It cannot remember.
Forgetting some ...

Berupeoru says.
Now, Hekatee.

Hekatee says.

Berupeoru says.
The thing with which the thing for which you ask fills you is that Reiji-maigo.
It is good although a vessel is set by him.

Shudonai says.
A vessel is set ...
Mind that I am good is not carried out.
My Hekatee is such Mistes.

Berupeoru says.
Isn't it the power of Hekatee?
No one can imitate it.

Yuuji says.
You ...

Hekatee answers.
Itadaki-no-kura, Hekatee.

Yuuji repeats.
Hekatee ...

Hekatee says.
Open a vessel.
To my origin .

Yuuji feels.
I ... It spreads... What is it?
It is uncanny... It is pleasant...

Hekatee is also felt.
It feels.
Infinite power of filling me.

Berupeoru says.
Probably, Reiji-maigo is also surprised.
The vessel of Hekatee assimilated to Mistes is not an ordinary size.
Bottom nothing.

Shudonai says.
Don't say like a ghost.
It is not filled forever... Therefore, it does not dye.
she is a pure existence -- a thing .

Berupeoru says.
Reijimaigo must breathe out the power of an absurd existence by the cause anyhow.
Moreover ... A pursuit person's mechanism is since it sucks out of the end which

recovered the power of existence.
A vessel is always empty.
Reijimaigo continues recovering power eternally.
The power of the sucked-out existence overflows from Seirei-den, and continues filling

this ground.
It is ... like the spring which does not know withering.

Viruherumina and Shana notice an accident.
That ... It is what.
Power of existence?

Viruherumina says.
There is this no in an ordinary occurrence.

Tiamato says.

Arasutouru says.
Probably this is a mechanism by a pursuit person.

Viruherumina says.
In that, the power of a lot of existence will concentrate on this town.
If it becomes so, the balance in the world ...

Arasutouru says.
It is that progress of the situation is early so far.
Is already it ending to make other Hureimu-heizu difficult?

Viruherumina says.
Now, it cannot but prevent by us who are here.

Tiamato is also said.
Enemy's territory inrush.

Viruherumina says.
It is boil destruction of Mistes.

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