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Shakugan no Shana 22 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 22 3/3

Viruherumina says.
It is natural and realistic strategy to sever the origin of that mechanism.
Since failure is not allowed as Hureimu-heizu.
For that purpose, it is recovery of an injury first.

Shana considers the thing of Yuuji.
Yuuji ...

Then, how does it say "Carry out"?
It is not understood what Shana considers.
It understands.
I am Mistes and Shana is Hureimu-heizu.
Too, it is things to break me.

That is not right.
I can not say anything.

How do you want to carry out Sakai-Yuuji?
I want to do what...
Or why does it want to Sakai-Yuuji?

It believes.

Satou and Tanaka come.

That ... It is Buruuto-zaogaa. It is why here.

Majyory-san placed this.

Does it fight with that Tomogara and others?

We thought that we would pass you this and brought.
It entreats for us.
Help Sakai now.
It entreats for us.
It is impossible although I wished to help by myself.
At least this has that we can do after all.
Hirai-chan. Please do not let Sakai die.
We have asked you as not Hureimu-heizu but Hirai-Yukari.
It entreats for us.
We go to the place of Hari-dan.
Since it may be helpful to something.

Is it ... as Yukari Hirai?
This is the first time that a human being does every request.

Yoshida-san comes.
It seems to be together with what I consider, Satou-kun and others.

I do not want to hear it.

Even I do not want to say in fact.
If I am Yukari, it can go to help by oneself.
I am mortifying.
Sakai-kun and Yukari-chan are as it is in a near place too.

Yuuji with me .

But therefore, I am trusted.
I believe Yukari-chan.
Since people are regarded as a favorite feeling not changing.
Sakai-kun is believed if it is favorite Yukari-chan.

Me ...

Viruherumina comes.
Were you in such a place?
If it is not made quiet, recovery of an injury is only overdue.
Since destruction of Mistes requires emergency.
Let's go.

Yukari-chan. Since I am waiting.
Come back together with Sakai-kun.



It is if Sakai-kun is favorite Yukari-chan...

Me ... It is Yuuji...

Berupeoru says.
All these towns become the lump of existence.
Were there those who got power like this once?
No and this Gyakuri-no-saisha become existence of the beginning.

Yuuji thinks.
Hekatee ...
What am I doing?
It cannot remember.
He may forget some.

Hekatee says.
This is memory of Mistes.

Me ... Memory.
Yes, memory.
It enters into me.

Me ...
That is right!
Me ...

Arasutouru says.
Choose your way.


Viruherumina speaks to Shana.
Is it thoroughgoing?


If it rushes in, behind, it cannot pull any longer.

It understands.

The purpose ...

Clear one is things as it cannot but go now.

It is comprehension.
If it goes, an answer will come out naturally -- let's come out.
As Hureimuheizu.



Yuuji thinks.
Shana protected me.
Me who must be only at Mistes.
Why ?

Hekatee feels the heart of Yuuji.
Oh! I am filled.
A thought of the man of Mistes.
It is very deep and strong.
The vessel set until now is differed from.

Shana decides.
I am Yuji...

Senpen and Berupeoru feel a motion of Hureimu-heizu.

It will come.

When it is consent.

But -- Do they follow so far and stick?

Yoshida-san considers two persons' thing.
Sakai-kun...Yukari-chan ...

Satou and Tanaka also think of Shana.
It Hirai-chan and entreats...

Majyory-dou says.
Why is so much Tomogara of Barumasuke?
Was it driven out of Seirei-den?

It is said that a rat escapes from the sinking ship.

It does not sink, even if it attaches weight.
It is especially Berupeoru.
however, a motion of a party is strange -- being sure .

There are many partners who ask.

Then, is one heard?
Since it gives a good whaling so that it may be easy to talk!

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