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Shakugan no Shana 23 1/3

Shakugan no Shana 23 1/3

Seirei-den fights.

Viruherumina says.
If it rushes in, behind, it cannot pull any longer.

It understands.

The purpose ...

Clear one is things as we cannot but go now.

It is comprehension.
If you go, an answer will come out naturally -- let's come out.
As Hureimu-heizu ...



Yuuji thinks.
Shana protected me.
Me who am Mistes ... Why ?

Shana considers the thing of Yuuji.
Yuuji ... I am Yuuji...

Kethkai is not stretched, either.

However, naturally it will expect that self etc. rushes in.

Inattention prohibited thing.




Tomogara and others of Barumasuke should be haunting Seirei-den.

It is too quiet.

There is also no sign of Rinne.

It is this back.
The power of an immense existence is overflowing.

Yuuji is there.

It bears.

It seems that there is no intention of hiding the whereabouts of Reiji-Maigo.


But, only the margin to cope with it carefully will not be left behind any longer.

Yuuji remembers the thing of Shana.
You are Shana.

It goes.

If either arrives at Reiji-Maigo, it is sufficient for business.
We do not care mutually but it only progresses.


You ... Your answer ...

Time urgency.

Satou and Tanaka are looking at Haridan.

Does it carry out against such a huge thing?

An OK paddle, Hirai-chan.



Wanting for Jizai-shiki to see to here and there [ of this castle ] is stretched.

A pursuit person says.
It came!
The persons of the infidelity which interferes with an experiment .

It is preparation everything.

The intruder of an experiment also uses for an experiment.
The theme of my Kon-no-Seibyou.
Eekururanto I am allowed to use for recycling.

Shana and Viruherumina look out.

Something is.


It is different.

These .

It is Rinne.

Machine doll.

Are you a pursuit person?

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