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Shakugan no Shana 23 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 23 2/3

What and now.
The power of existence was sucked up.

This ...

Great success!
Jizai-hou which uses an invader's power for absorption and operation of Rinne is excellent !

Yes, a professor!
Attack continuation is carried out.

Eye a pursuit person bear.

Temporizing imitation ... Is the reason for having put self into inside easily this?

But those fellows are moving.

Probably the special measures by a fellow will be taken.

It comes.

Nietono-no-shana is heavy.

If it becomes like this, it will be only the judo which attached that it was reliable to the body.
Remember the feeling of Tendou-kyuu.


Already pulling is also impossible.

Too, it is only aiming at Reiji-Maigo.
An irony called what.
It is said that the power of existence is overflowing outside.

Yuuji feels that Shana and others came.

Shana is fighting.

Is it fighting?

The power of existence is full of the town.
It is the result of Reiji-maigo...
It may be the best in order surely to protect a town.

Is it the best?

It is free Mistes and does not spread.

Oh! Stop.
Why do you enter into me?

No, you are entering into me.
Your thought is filling me.
I have prayed until now.
Ask for an answer.
This surely meets.
Therefore, ... more ... more -- me -- you!

You ...


Berupeoru and Shudonai talk.

Now, how far can it bear?

The paddle to risk.

Don't you forget?
A partner is that Tenjyou-no-gouka and Mugen-no-kantai.

If vessel slack Hureimu-heizu cannot use power of existence and it will become, isn't a free human being the same, either?
Since Kon-no-seibyou is completed to it.
The power of existence only continues increasing forever.

Tanaka and Stou look at and say Seirei-den.

Are they fighting in that place?


Do your best -- Hirai-chan.

Oh! what.

Hureimu-heizu notices an accident.

A situation and the power of existence have begun saturation.

It is endless.

Berupeoru and Shudonai talk.

Is also this among calculation?
Now, it is somewhat showy for a congratulatory signal.

A pursuit person raises a cheer.

The world where the power of a lot of existence in which nobody had seen just this was able to be poured out!

Since it becomes, how is it after this?

It experiments just because it does not understand.
There is this world and it is appearance... Law ... In order to know truth.

Yoshida-san worries about two persons.
Sakai-kun...Yukari-chan ...

Satou and Tanaka also feel abnormal circumstances.

It is in big trouble.

Although it does not understand somehow, only things understand that it is in big trouble.

What will happen from now on?

This town.

Majyory-dou calls to two persons.

You -- is it audible?
Are they you the safety?
Isn't it audible?


It seems that both persons were alive -- both.

Did you come back?

The mission of Hureimu-heizu -- a fellow .

It says well.
It became blue, and it was in a great hurry and came...

Go to Haridan immediately.
Something to investigate ...

It is already.
Therefore -- The ...
It is said that it is in Haridan long ago!
It is what investigated early...

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