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Shakugan no Shana 23 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 23 3/3

It is splendid!

It is good.
It is made what the present overly familiar manner did not hear.
See Seirei-den.


It is a very large castle floating in empty.
Although it seems that Hureimu-heizu and others thrust in, strange Jizai-hou has started.


That's right.

Follow where [ of a castle ] the Jizai-shiki has come out from.


It is an educational result.
They are good henchmen.

Satou and she have returned.
Ane-san has returned.

It and understands.

She is really selfish.

It was.

Majyory-dou attacks Seirei-den.

It is one more about beautiful music!

It is one more about beautiful music!

The wish, you Hear it!

It is one more about beautiful music!

Great success!

A pursuit person notices an accident.
Is it what?

Since the object for interception and the generating equipment of Jizai-hou have broken,

there are.

If it is what!

Berupeoru and Shudonai also notice an attack.

Seemingly, Tyoushi-no-yomite returned.

Good grief -- why does Hureimu-heizu crush and turn around a new trial?

Hekatee will also be distracted if it got even in fellows.
I meet.

Then, if I do not act as a partner, either, it will not become.

Viruherumina and Shana also notice an attack.

It seems that it was somehow helped by Tyoushi-no-yomite.


It comes.

This sign is Gyakuri-no-saisha.

Shudonai and Majyory-dou are battling.

Going out.

It is a long time.

I want to be given without interfering.

It is troubled.

This much strange -- if imitated and carried out.

Don't leave on the way today.

The surroundings are overflowing with power and I will do them mutually hugely and


That is right.

Does it bring to an end, before becoming an undesirable yet unseverable relationship?

Viruherumina says to Shana.
Go previously.
One person should just arrive.
Has the answer already come out?


Destruction of Mistes ...

Destruction is not carried out.

Is it said that the balance in the world is lost?

It is not carried out, either.

Viruherumina. I are Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-shakugan.
But there is also a one called Shana.
A mission is achieved.
But I do not want to break Yuuji which is Mistes.
Both are me.
It is me even if which is missing.
I am not free Hureimuheizu.
It carries out fighting which is believed as Shana of Enpathu-shakugan.
Yes, it decided!

It goes.
If you decided, the language beyond this is unnecessary.


I also believe -- being also indistinguishable -- since it is you yourself who are not.

It goes.
We will meet after fighting again.
Banjyou-no-shite, Mugen-no-kantai.

It is heartless oh, to escape suddenly.

Your partner is me.

Outbreak of war.

A few should delight and be overdue.

Shana says.
How do I want to carry out Yuuji?
Why does it want?
You heard it such.
It is not understood yet.

Do so?

But I like Yuuji.
As for now, only it is.

It bears.

So much.
It can fight only by it.

Shana remembers the thing of Yuuji.

You are Shana.
From now on, I call so.
It is not already free Hureimu-heizu.


Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-shakugan.
Yes, I named.
Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-shakugan was set to Shana from that time.


Yuuji also considers the thing of Shana.
Since it was Shana right that, it helped.

Since it is Shana.

Yes, she is since it is not free Hureimuheizu.

It ... Me ...
Was not my way looking only as free Hureimu-heizu?

Shana comes to the place of Yuuji.



Yuuji is helped absolutely!

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