Monday, September 22, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 1/3

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 1/3

A thought of a red lotus bloom.

Is it becoming pleasant somehow?

Such fighting like this with showy us is a long time.
My beautiful goblet!

Shana comes to the place of Hekatee.

Itadaki-no-kura, Hekatee.
She is one of those who command Barumasuke.

It is not related to me in case of whom.
I have Yuuji returned.

Yuuji also notices Shana.

Shana ...

You are my thing.
Since the vessel has already been set.

It seems to be the key of the mechanism in which she produces the power of this huge existence.
This is pushed down and stopped!

It cannot do what not to too stop Itadaki-no-kura, either.
If it does hurry!
The way things stand, a town collapses.
But ... if it does what.

Yuuji notices unusually Misaki-shi.

Misaki-shi ...
It is useless.
You have to carry out somehow.

A thought of and you is filled.
The thing which was not obtained although the vessel was set however until now and the desire was understood ...

You ...

Shudonai notices unusually Hekatee.

Although it is bad, it is to here.
If I do not go to the place of Hekatee.

Berupeoru thinks that Viruherumina fell.

I have you act as a partner to a slight degree.

Battle continuation.

It is persistent.

Shudonai and Majyory-dou are under battle.

It is also troublesome to say that there is fuel too much.

It meets.
It fights eternally.

Is this your aim?

I will say, if my Hekatee can be satisfied.

Transformation guy.

That you do doll play does not match well.

Satou and Tanaka notices unusually Misaki-shi.

What has happened to this?


What ?!

Yoshida-san is trusting and waiting for two persons.
It is reliable.
It comes back... Absolutely ... Also Sakai-kun and Yukari-chan ... It comes back!

Shana is having a close game.
It cannot approach at all.

Sakai-Yuuji is taken out there.
All should be stopped if Reiji-Maigo is separated.

It does!

Yuuji is told to Hekatee.
You filled yourself with my memory and a thought, then are satisfied.

I was asking all the time and was praying.

Such a thing?

That is right.
I touched you and understand at last.
Thing for which I was asking ...

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