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Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 2/3

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 2/3

You are Shana.
It is already free Hureimu-heizu.
I am also free Touch.
It is Sakai-Yuuji.

It ... He is me.
What I was asking for is myself who exist to be sure.

A time to you with whom surely the vessel overlapped first were empty.
Now ... It is different... What by which I come is filled.

It is my thought.

It is my thought now.

It is different.
It is meaningless even if it fills itself with a thought of people.
Such of is you.

But you who are Touch are also filled with the thought of Sakai-Yuuji.

Therefore, I when meeting Shana was free Touch too.
But ... is also now...

Yuuji ...

It is now different!
And it worries or I have considered. [ thinking all the time from that time ] .
Therefore, it says clearly once again.
I am Sakai-Yuuji.

You are whom?
Where is it that only you try to go away?

Me ...

Shana shouts.
I protect you!

Yuuji notices Shana.



What was filling me ... It disappears...

It is different.
It should not be filled with my thought.
You are still empty from the beginning.




It is my cause.

Since it was asked be accompanied by you and return ...
With those two persons ... Yoshida-Kazumi.

It was wholly worried.


But I met most and swarmed.


You are still empty from the beginning.

Shudonai notices unusually Hekatee.

Just for a moment!
It was said that leaving was nothing on the way!

Hureimu-heizu and others also notices abnormal circumstances.

It is bad!

This ...

Abnormal circumstances.


The power of the existence which Itadaki-no-kura saved up is breathed out.
however, ... this -- a fearful vessel.

Satou, Tanaka, and Yoshida-san also notice abnormal circumstances.


A town ...

Does power immense so far overflow and is it difficult to wait to already break up that it was on the contrary automatically?

such !

The pursuit person is excited.
It is reality as a result of the exciting situation of what!
Saturation of the power of existence in which this exceeded the allowable limit in the world!

Since it becomes, how is it?

It is confirmed after this!

Berupeoru murmurs.
Is it the time to retreat?

Arasutouru says.
There is only one means.


It is ? truly.

Tenjyou-no-gouka, manifestation of Arasutouru.


Arasutouru is made to appear in the world here.

Manifestation of the Majin slack self of Guze consumes the power of a lot of existence.
If it manifests itself now using the power of a saturated immense quantity, probably collapse of a town will stop.
However, if self manifests itself, vessel slack Hureimu-heizu will be destroyed.
It became so once...

It is as destruction... By no means ...

Yes, it dies.

This is the fate given to Hureimu-heizu of Enpathu-Shakugan.
I am all also understanding it and having also made a contract of it with Arasutouru.

Viruherumina murmurs.
He has a disagreeable premonition.


I helped Yuuji as Shana.
A mission is shortly achieved as Hureimu-heizu.
It is me.
But ...

Sakai Yuuji.
The margin to already miss you has been lost.

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