Monday, September 22, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 3/3

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last) 3/3

I will go.
I had decided long ago.
I am to go together with Shana.
The feeling does not still change.

I like Yuuji.

Viruherumina notices.
By no means ...


A pursuit person shouts.
Special saturation!
There is no method!

I understand!

The next experiment is begun!

Does it still do?


Viruherumina makes it aghast.
Majyory-dou comes there.

What is carried out!

Do you want to die?

If involved in Tenjyou-no-gouka, finally it is!

Hekatee is also made aghast.
Shudonai comes there.

There is anything no... Me ...

Reliable Hekatee.
You -- you .

Yuuji and Shana are in the roof of a school. ...


Shana ...



Why .

Get up.

Does it occur?

Me ...


It was good!

Me -- why.

Your vessel responded to all the existence of self.
Although the size was felt at the time of a contract ...

Then, it is always after this.

Numbers of times can the act on which its life was risked be tried so?

Me -- it is alive.


I am or also very.

Yuuji ...

It is it just for a moment...

It saw.


It saw absolutely.

Not looking is.

Their eyes were turned away.

It ...

Don't see!

Shana .

It is noisy and noisy!

Viruherumina comes.
I am sorry.


Majyory-dou is looking at three persons' appearance.

Are with the devil's own luck.

Can people's thing be said?

Do you come out and what do?
It is the appearance which is detached building cod roe slightly.

Well, is it a method of a standby to a slight degree?

Majyory-dou is drunk in the house of Satou.

Turn and turn.

As for a time, I am!
Help me!

It was good.
Ane-san is as it is for a while.

How is whether it was good and it?

Become gentle.

Thigusa and Viruherumina see off that two persons go to school.
Since evening boiled rice preparation is carried out Shana-chan and today, come together perfectly.


Good morning.

Good morning.
Two terms are whether to appear in a match.

Wait just for a moment -- Ike!

Since there are not I and defeat.
Today to a 2 times game is a start -- a thing.

What -- !.
Although it cried and the gratitude word was, when Yuuji was taken and it returned.

Therefore, that is the first game.
Each other -- does she do his best?

Even I do not lose.
Since it does not lose!

I do not change from now on but walk.
The world separates.
Before a few merely.

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