Monday, September 22, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last)

Shakugan no Shana 24 (1st Last)

For the time being, writing all the words of this work was heard and finished.

I am oneself mind companion better た for there being a portion skipped although written and considered, and an overlooked portion in large quantities.
I have noticed that there are a portion skipped although written and considered, and an overlooked portion in large quantities.

Of course, OVA of Shana, the theater version, and II are due to be done similarly.
But since a work to surely give is before that, Shana is a rest just for a moment.

If the original version is compared with animation, VII is almost the same.
The portion of VIII of II is almost the case.
But the conversation of Thigusa and Viruherumina is IX.
X is a volume on extra, and by animation, although it hardly comes out, it is about the contractor in front of Arasutouru.

If it says in order of issue, 0 will come after eight volumes.
However, 0 is zero as a name.
Speaking in time-axis, seeming to be the talk just before coming to the town of Yuuji.

As me, zero are seldom to their liking.
It is the touch truly called volume on extra.
Since I skipped mostly, I do not remember roughly considerably.
It does not come out by animation.

However, how is the activity fund of Hureimu-heizu earned actually extremely?
Zero have replied to such a question.
Since the OVA and theater version and II are done in the near future, please wait for a while.

It seems that Shana also has the comic version.
I am a printing type group fundamentally.
Me -- a basis -- if the basis was animation-ized in the work made from the comic, he will buy a comic.

However, he does not like the thing with which, as for me, a printing type becomes a comic.
And ...
It seems that there is Shana-tan of an addition etc.
It is also omitted for my individual taste.
The favorite one, I'm sorry.

The following work ...
It is OVA.

I was distributed in the network and got to know by the preliminary announcement.
I purchased the original in a hurry.
Since, as for me, DVD purchase does not have a budget ...
In order to carry out original comparison, as for the animation, the original version as well as this time carried out 2nd rereading at least 3 times.

A next work has many words compared with Shana...
This is my comment.

I have required twice [ more than ] as many time as this for hearing, writing and carrying out.

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