Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 2/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 2/4

M, me?
I will take out an extra with the plan of a newspaper part.
I was running about here and there together with Asaba by the coverage.
Does it turn out to be an extra?
You may not understand.

Anyhow, fried noodles were eaten together with Asaba.
The baked sweet potato was eaten together with Asaba.
It dances for a fire storm together with Asaba...

That last ... It is a lie.

Now, I will perform one more affair!
Is still it calm?
Can you eat much more?


You come and it is !.

Even an iron people table d'hote.

I am the same as Akiho.

A and that visitor of the are inner iron people tables d'hote, if it explains, although she thinks that it knows...

Even an iron people table d'hote!

I am the same as Akiho!

Two dishes of iron people tables d'hote entered!

Skipping-a-restaurant-bill Rethuden.
An iron people table d'hote, 4000 yen (iron people's ramen-noodles + iron people's Chinese meat dumpling + iron people's donburi dish) of gold .
If it eats completely, price will not obtain.
The time limit is 60 minutes. When a seat is stood on the way.
It is ended when the circumference is soiled unsightly.
When you are not able to eat completely within 60 minutes, and a table is soiled unsightly, it is considered as an end there, and gold of 4000 yen is said and received.

It is good.

It is good or at least a half will be eaten!

Then, please a hand is lifted from a table and!

Hey, all will be eaten.

Inside, what has happened?


It does not understand.

It is not visible.

Then, an iron people Chinese meat dumpling.

Please a hand is lifted from a table and !

It is hot!


Hey, it is a completely good match.

But, a child with the short hair here wins the last to see.

Hey, it took and that child had become that it is likely to vomit a while ago -- was not it


It came!

The donburi dish came!

It divides and changes.
The family name which enacts the head of our shop emits with Kisaragi, and a name is

emitted with Jyuurou.
Even if it cries, it also laughs and is the last one dish. Who regrets and it is by the end

of nothing today.
Then, please a hand is lifted from a table and!


The visitor!

Foolish guy.
Don't take out a hand!

They are a master and a doctor's inhibition!

Don't say in a jumble!

It does not lose.

Akiho is not lost by any means.
Absolutely ... It does not lose!


Akiho and do your best!

Don't Iriya and lose!


Iriya. Has it occurred?

It has occurred.

That ... me -- Akiho ... it was fearful.

It was as fearful as the leg trembled when it was said that it will go to cover together.

I thought that it took to the place to which somewhere people do not come by any means, and

was withered and knocked.

But think that it is my defeat if it escapes, and is it もん in which it loses although

Akiho was dreadful, and considers so all the time.

From when I and the beginning are met -- a while ago -- until -- Akiho was dreadful much.

It is what -- had it occurred?

He has bought the stomach medicine.

Stomach medicine.
Bitter one.

It was uncanny.

Even the youngest record.
It will be as junior high school two years.

But it was surprised.
They are Kana Buu and nosebleed Buu -- a thing.

It is what -- curve.
It is as Kana Buu?

Everybody ... It was looking.

But or saying very ...

Give me a stomach medicine.

Iriya also takes a stomach medicine.


Yes, be absorbed.


This uncle.

Why didn't you telephone?
Why wasn't the afternoon telephone carried out?
Did you play, and be crazy and forget?

Please wait.
I invited forcibly.

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