Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 3/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 3/4

Did he play and forget was it crazy and?

Please and wait!

I invited forcibly.

It will return.

Wait just for a moment!
Generally, you are really whom.

He is the elder brother of that Kana Buu ?

Although I did not know the detailed situation, either, by itself, it had declared itself Enomoto.
A lower name is not known.

Asaba -- has he met that man before?


Even if actually talked, it was touch in character with a good person.
Always apply the thing of Iriya to mind.
Why -- such ...


Kana Buu and hair were dyed.

The platinum blonde of it is a fellow.

An impression is different.

Well, well.

What is it doing? !
It is in a seat quickly...
It is what -- it?

A teacher -- it is different.
This ... the ...

Move aside!
Hey -- Iriya -- doesn't it say somehow?
What is that head in this trend of the times?

That teacher. having dyed this independently -- it is not -- yes ... although I do not understand in detail, either ... the ...
That is right -- medicine is always taken in large numbers as a big talk and Iriya -- carrying out -- probably -- the side effects -- coming out ...

Dye, if it is right!
A big talk -- standing -- a staff room ...

Iriya Kana san. Since it is a telephone from Mr. Tanaka, it is to a staff room.
Iriya Kana san. It is a staff room urgently.


Don't go!
It is still a 1 subject eye.
Now, isn't there any meaning which came to the school?

There is a meaning which came.

Were a newspaper and inside extracted?

Then, all.
It becomes disagreeable.
It will be troubled that a weather report does not appear, either.

Information control by national defense belief is performed now you.
The unauthorized use of an electric wave is serious misconduct which carries out an

emergency measure standard pair.
The self-defense army security force has strengthened pirate broadcasting station control.

He is a fellow as information control.

It is said that Mr. Sakai of an angle also evacuates.
It is a greeting a while ago.
Does it become lonely?

It is ! calmly.

Akiho ?

Therefore, it is to order the thing of Iriya well, although it is the same as Hanamura, and

it says to parents and he is absent from a school.
It is completely like a kindergarten a nanny.

They are Iriya and such a place...
Iriya. I am me!
Does it understand?

It is visible!
It is visible perfectly!
It is visible...


It is visible perfectly!
It is visible!
I understand!
Since I understand.
You do not need to talk, if it cannot talk.
Since you do not need to talk.



It is sometimes visible or is not visible.
If temporary vision is unusual, although it is not the talk which started soon.
As for one showy so far, this time is the first.

Such a state ... why -- a school -- some ... that ... this ...

Uselessness, it!
Asaba -- a bag .
I think that it was the intention of a charm.
Since it was always carrying with her also carrying out what it to go anywhere and she was walking.
That -- natural -- although Kana-chan is bad, without it gets angry -- one needed.
It is life or death truly to call it the charm for Kana-chan...

Iriya ... Is Iriya the pilot of that black manta?
The metaled ball should be embedded at the wrist. Take out a nosebleed immediately. The hair of hair became pure white suddenly. The eye disappeared.
Is all it because Iriya is the pilot of Black manta?
Is it because Iriya is fighting with the enemy in the place that nobody knows?
An adult needs to do such a thing!
You are war begun freely!
Iriya must be gathered together for such a thing why!
Only Iriya does not come why... Injection is built on a breast, and it is bloody and must come to roll.

Asaba-kun that ...
It will kill!
This brat!

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