Thursday, October 2, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 4/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4 4/4

Although you knew nothing, you did now selfish word.
Only you are the understanding person feeling of Kana-chan.
It is said generally and that you know what of Kana-can.
a fellow's goodwill which nothing knows -- free -- being irresponsible -- !.
Although there is only preparedness of the grade which gives food in a stray cat.

Kana-chan is carried to the nurse's office.

I do not do in conviction etc.

This clock.
The mouse of a keyboard.
Sewing-basis of a bookshelf .
It is the manager's code!

Manager ...


Why ?

Since the light stuck.
T... that ...
I'm sorry.

What that ?

Former ...... It wants ... There was nothing .... There was nothing... Also once ... Charm .

The manager will come back soon.
If it is the manager, it surely carries out somehow.
The manager can do it anything.
It is also surely the thing of Iriya...


Was it there too?

Are you the manager?
It is where now.
In what telephone booth is it?
It was serious here.

Yes. and here are serious too.
It saw at last!
That is a living thing!
It was very huge and, moreover, was alive!
Asaba special correspondent!
That is a living thing!


The Sonohara Dempa Shimbun part does not yield to suppression!
Freedom of the press is us...

Such a thing is never heard any longer.
Do you want to return to a base immediately now?
Or do you want me to help?


It escapes.
Iriya does not return from today to a base.
It does not return until Iriya wants to return from itself.

It will be caught immediately.

It is OK.
Since I stick.


Why ?

Since an insect is in Asaba.

It is what?

A battery insect and an electric wave insect.
The bio-in plant of a transponder chip.
Therefore, it is caught.

Shiina ...

It is impossible -- already .

Is it painful, Asaba?

It is reliable.
It is reliable.

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