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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 4

People who did three volumes of an original, and skipping a restaurant bill -- carry out a Suizenji response -- these two are summarized only in four talks.
Quite forcing, since it is animation 1 talk about one original.
Although it is felt such as me, the part and 1 top 1 top of a picture cannot be overlooked.

On the scene on which the father of Asaba rinses a mouth with tea, Yuko stands a seat, as it got angry silently.
I understand Yuko's feeling very well.
In fact, the master is seen... The similar thing is also felt although the father of Asaba is differed from...

It should observe -- it is the code of Suizenji.
It seems that there are two kinds of codes of Suizenji by animation although it comes out only this time.
It seems that it disarranges with you hesitatingly and there are you. You are the cryptogram of only a number hesitatingly.
Probably, this is decipherable.
However, it disarranges and he is you... As for the sense of incongruity to the amusingness of the room, it is if impossible just for a moment even if told see **, even if you understand.
I thought that I was such.

Enomoto comes by animation to an iron people store, although it is accompanied by Ilya and returns, it goes by an original to bowl all together on the way from the next going-to-school day, and Enomoto comes by it then.

The teacher who Ilya's hair becomes pure white, comes to a school, and attacks that.
Was I in my school days and such teachers?
If it says that it is hair dyed brown from the first, it is written to be prohibition to dye hair a school rule saying "Dye black."

There is no meaning from which Asaba still came for Ilya to the school by 1 subject eye and this.
It is although said... Did Ilya come to the school only in order to see the face of Asaba?
It is thought that it meets.

The scene which becomes Mr. Shiina and an exchange of blows.
Something to say of Asaba is understood and a teacher's something to say is also understood.
However, Asaba is a really ordinary junior high school student...
But it is if it grows up by gaining such various experiences as man.
I think so.

I think that there is a portion currently cut considerably since one library was packed into animation 1 talk, but this is often summarized now.

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