Saturday, October 4, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 1/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 1/4

The last way.

Was it safe?
It has returned too.

Secret base.

Emergency school holiday.
Narimasu elementary school.

I thought that I would go south although a great reason cannot be found.
Distance was intently earned for two days of the beginning, and it looked for the bed.
Money is not applied.
It can perform keeping off rain.
And yet the safe place which is not attached to the public notice.

The head is light.
The back is hot.

Is it pleasing?


May this cat be kept?

That ...

Since he takes care of it perfectly.

You have to think before the name of a cat.

It is as yes... Principal.

Why ?

A pattern like a mustache is under a mouth.

Its thing used how?

Cutting operation.
Structure which an electrode will separate, and a circuit will be cut and will be automatically dialed if an enemy opens a door.
When making and devising how many, the enemy entered from where by the difference in an arrival-of-the-mail number -- it understands a thing.

Asaba. Is it there?

It is.

Asaba. Is it?

It is.

Asaba. It comes out.

Money, OK ?

Well ... If it is here, it does not cut in fuel and light prices.
One's secret base.
I thought that I was matchless.

Such a thing was heard long ago.

Is it the ghost of the Narimasu smallness?

It is what.
Did it know?

Are you a fellow as the woman with the white hair of hair has been standing on the roof?

That which the way which the police was told says once.

Impossible unreasonableness. Even if useless.

By this trend of the times ...

Narimasu smallness.

It is including tax of 740 yen.

I... I am sorry.


It is what -- isn't there any leg perfectly?
It was asked from Asaba-kun.
It is bring this bag.


It is not a lie.
Even if true.

Since it is a secret base.
A possibility of saying to someone does not have Asaba!

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