Saturday, October 4, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 2/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 2/4

In death, he is you.

Nothing is done.
True ... only having been embraced and pushed down.

Oh! It was surprised.
It is as stripes early about it.
I... Is it made boiled rice?

What is the matter?

I went to the convenience store.
When doing so, the price was all raised from instant noodles to toothbrushing powder.
It is severe.

I... It will be made half of me.
Pardon and I are bad.
Since it did not say perfectly.

T... Then, since it is mortifying, it browses...
And he buys it with the canned food of a cat, and a razor, and, therefore, it is ...

Nothing is done.

Therefore, ...

He plans to kill and it stabbed.


It is not the case where such a thing is said!
You have to escape early.

It is disagreeable.
A principal also takes.
A principal also goes together.
To one clue ... It goes.

I understand.
Since I take a principal.
Escape previously!
Since I also go later.
Escape early!
Since a principal is surely taken.

Asa ...

Go early!

Nothing is done.
Nothing no is done!

It is good anyhow.
It is such a thing how!
It is not related to me.
Repeatedly, it is gloomy!
Be anxious here and also use physical strength.
It is already disgusting!
Don't follow!
Never show the face!

I am plans to kill and it stabbed...

Return to a base alone.
Wipe at least a nosebleed by yourself!

It said too much just for a moment.
It will go early.
Is it inside vacant?
I will eat some, if the next town is reached.


It does not go.
It is waiting.

The man of a base?

It is waiting for Asaba.

Having said too much -- since I was bad.
Therefore, ...

I am waiting for Asaba.


Iriya. I am whom?

Does it go?

Asaba is not.
I am waiting until Asaba comes.

It is if it is Asaba... It was said that it was waiting at the bridge of this point.
I will go a big talk and early.

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