Monday, October 6, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 3/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5 3/4

I will go a big talk and early.

Green Light.
What is an orange pekoe?

It is closed for convenience' sake.
Doze storekeeper.

It was called an orange pekoe and strawberry parfait.

Probably, I think that there is tea of such a name...
Iriya. I am whom.

If it covers and a report is written, it will get used at least to Asaba.

Birdie Spike.

Iriya ... a big talk -- since it is dangerous, it comes down -- a way .

Can Sakisaka carry out a mimemime?
Shiina taught how to dance.
Practice was also carried out a lot.
Practice which carries out a mimemime to Asaba for a fire storm.
Does Sakisaka know the fire storm?

Iriya. It is what month what today.
Doesn't it understand?

It understands.
It is September 21 today.
It will be the day of a school festival tomorrow.
It is the day of a fire storm the day after tomorrow.
Enomoto said that he made a sortie nothing on that day.
Can Sakisaka carry out a mimemime?


Go there.
It is noisy.

Iriya. I am whom?

I thought that someone was coming to watch at any rate.
What business.

What day is it today?
Sunday of the beginning of the 2nd term.
You waited for Asaba. Did you carry out in 10:00?
Since it still takes out ago 7:00 and a movie is 10:30 ...

Therefore, ?

However it may wait, Asaba does not come!
It comes!
He made a promise.
Go there!

I'm sorry, did it wait?
I am whom?



Don't touch!
Go there.

The young man there.
that ...
You were regarded as it being that others interfere, and were seen. However, she is already a limit.
What has not really happened to what -- do thing?
Is not she waiting for you?

It is different.
Iriya is waiting for Asaba.

If it is right, take a fellow here immediately now as the Asaba.
Why ?

It is uncanny... It is since it is in a distant place.

Already !.

Then -- a telephone -- a telephone.
She must also be convinced if the direct talk is carried out.

what ?
What did it do suddenly?
Iriya is telephoned.

Wait just for a moment.
Do you telephone and what does it do?

Asaba is me.

It was asked pass you this from Asaba-kun.


Iriya ... I am whom?

It understands in voice.

The ... late -- becoming -- pardon.
Although I telephoned earlier.

Also me ... Place to which I also came now.
Where is Asaba now?

It is in a slightly distant place.
From that ... There are various things from that... There are various things truly and it does not return there yet.
Therefore, ... I am cannot go to the movie together with Iriya today.

I understand.

It is pardon truly.
All the time, it had been waiting.

It is good.
Will it come to a school Asaba and tomorrow?


Then, I also go.
Then, he will be a school tomorrow again.
Thank you.
He telephoned.
Although it was Sunday, it talked with Asaba.
Waiting, it was good.
Iriya !

You may stay here today.
However, if it becomes by the end of tomorrow, you will be projected for the police.
I think that it is the best.

A... and that ... this is not left immediately after the day breaks.
Trouble is not made to you.
If you like, it goes away immediately now.
Therefore, ...

The intention of going to where.

Relative's grandmother's house.


It is a place as southern Sonokizawa all the time from here.
A beach is located in near.

What does it do just for a moment?
A terminal point the it is the point again.

When getting off a train, it is a bus from there.

That bus is today and, finally is.
Passenger operation usual with yesterday also in a train is in the end.
Now, has he forgotten things even during war?
An inner route is stopped by the self-defense army.
There is also regulation of fuel.
The reason carried out to there why?

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