Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 5

Four volumes of the original version, and "summer vacation again" and "the last way" is contained.

Touch with expressionless Ilya very much sufficient here.
Since it is released from work of a base even when it is temporary.

I will think that I am such.

In the talk so far, extensive ingestion of Ilya is carried out in medicine during standby, and a nosebleed is taken out with the side effects...
Although there were words of Shiina who impresses it, in such meaning, an intense fit is not started in five talks, either, but it is touch called a momentary rest.

However, it does not continue for a long time, either...

He is an invader while Asaba has gone to the convenience store.

By animation, Ilya becomes that violence used by the invader...
Although the talk progresses by the touch to say, with the original version, it becomes the deployment which is different for a while.

Although it is me of original support in usual, only this portion likes the animation version.

Because, although Ilya thinks that the heart is allowed in Asaba, she is usually quite cautious.
Considering it, the way of story deployment of the animation version feels it natural.

Becoming that violence is likely to be used by the invader, Ilya claims that there was nothing eager.
It is not known how Asaba should correspond.
Asaba is served as if there was what no.

Ilya is one year older from Asaba in practice, although it does not come out in animation.
She of saying is junior high school three years.
Asaba is junior high school two years.

It is premature and a girl is Asaba indifferent to such problems.
If I wanted Asaba for Ilya to hear the talk perfectly in fact.
But it is impossible to ask Asaba for it.
Asaba will say the greatest language which wounds Ilya on the track of night.

And Ilya's heart breaks.

The fault on account of youth.

However, it is not tidied up at the word.

As long as subsequent Asaba is seen, .
You often did your best in you.

I want to say so to him.

And a grandma's house is telephoned...
I think that a certain meaning was good also as for this.

Since there are also many impossible things by the age of Asaba-kun and you ...

Now, it is the last talk still more.
Although it becomes the talk about which it is told by Enomoto here ...

Individually, I have named the escape journey to these five talks.

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu Other goods.

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