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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 1/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 1/4

Nao-chan. Since a bath is ready immediately, remove the shirt first.
You will catch cold, if it does not carry out early to follow.
Since I carry the young woman here to the drawing room.

Change your clothes early and come here.
Since tea is made.
Since he telephoned suddenly, it has already been surprised.

Hi! It was late.

Was anything as tomorrow?

Isn't it a going-to-school day?

Elder brother?

Were you hungry?

Mother. What is Naoyuki doing?

It is as usual.
After coming back, the room has almost been filled.
Father. Did you talk with Naoyuki?

Is already it three days?

It is three days after.

What it?

They are green ramen noodles.
It is entering chlorella.
This world is filled to wonder.

If it can come in the back and eats, feces will become green the next day.

It is nice. Do ...?

It is ordinarily nice.

Well, it is ordinarily nice.


Where is the Iriya now?

It has kicked off in the van stopped in front of the house.
It was often alive till that fellow and today.

Oh! If it is right, it is early more why?!

The truth is taught.
There was no I not in the intention of looking for your thing seriously etc.

What kind of meaning is it?

The passage of language -- a meaning .
If the time when the Iriya was left behind could be spent only by two persons with you and human beings perished in the end, I thought whether it would also be good.
However, you have telephoned the grandfather.
Think that this will already be things as surrender.
Therefore, he picked up.

It is different!
Who does in surrender etc.?
It rests just for a moment, and money is borrowed, and it is ...

It is what -- you?
If it is right, isn't it the case where it has eaten in ramen noodles etc.?

I am Enomoto.
From now on, a little dog will go there.
The purpose is recapture of Alice.
All the members stand by on that spot.
Don't dabble in a little dog by any means.
All the measures against Alice are stops.

Just for a moment ...

Go a big talk and early.
It does for 30 minutes.
If 30 minute passes, shortly, it will be earnest and will run after you.

I am Enomoto.
Directions a while ago are withdrawn.

However, it is as directions a while ago here...
It is a joke.

I want to know.
It is true... Things ...

Why are always you so?
For example.
The earth has received invasion of UFO, and if the Iriya is defeated in the last for which it is already pressing close by the only pilot of fighter plane who can oppose it fighting, human beings will perish.

If I say so, do you believe it?
Also it ... How is such ?

It is the talk here. It is war of a very natural fellow creature which the Iriya is

First of all, the gravity control by which the cause of war was invented from the strange thing -- an organization .
ESP of a certain kind is required to drive that fellow, and it can control only to the child who performed processing special to a nervous system.

The nonsense of UFO so and so is an expedient for convincing him of brats.
One have not killed man.
His enemy is the alien which came to invade the earth.
If it says -- a game -- like.
The game which will die truly if shot down.
The Iriya was believed so, shot down dozens of more pilots of the same enemy as itself, and has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians of the enemy country.

If I say so, do you believe it?

It believes.

Why ?
Why can you say so definitely?

Me ... It is since your thing is not a tendency.

They are both.
He is an alien when it says from an outline.
But, it is also a fact that foolish human beings were reaching and quarreling among themselves at the term of this.

Why ?

The pilot has already survived only the Iriya.
If the Iriya loses at the last fighting ... We are ruined.

It will cool down, if it does not eat early.

When is it that the last fights?

It is three days after.

Three days after ...

It is OK.
That nothing is worried does not have you.
I go to hell.

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