Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 2/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 2/4

Does it occur and shine?


War ended.

The press conference by a self-defense army starts soon.
It repeats.

It is agreement to end hostilities at last.

The government Chief Cabinet Secretary is as having agreed on the cease-fire like the point...

Thorough discussion!

The meaning of next great war is asked now!

Since it is such a thing ... It is since it is such a thing...

The image has arrived from every place.

It is like a curse video.

Will it become an ordinary lesson from tomorrow?
I am sleepy ... I also get and go to sleep.

Good night.

Exact management is performed to each and it succeeds in base ascendancy of reactionary forces at last.
Restoration of the order by the minimum sacrifice was able to be gained.

The minimum sacrifice ...

School-grounds going slowly.

Therefore, it is although it is usually having a class from today...

Unworthy and Naoyuki Asaba have returned, though it is shameful.
I felt sorry having made you trouble.

Asaba ...
Don't cause parents anxiety too much.


It is Asaba. By the way, are only you summer clothes?

You run away from home. you -- are you true earnestly?
Sudo telephoned and was very worried.

It is not disappearance from home.
It became school spare time and a thing like a penniless journey was done.



Did you fail in love with the Iriya?

It takes... Don't cry.
E... Even if I am bad ... Asaba ... It takes and is !.

Asaba Naoyuki-kun of 2-4. It is what the ... He has a call coming in now.
From the helicopter of a self-defense army.
It is what -- are they you ...?
Is it what?
It takes... Stop!

It is Hagiyama of four land self-defense army information warfare.
Asaba Naoyuki-kun of 2-4 and the attendance number of No. 1.
Your cooperation is surely needed per state of emergency.
Now, welcoming goes there.

Asaba ...

I carry out.

Come back absolutely and be!

Ride early!
A thing without time!

Y, yes.

I am point Eri Saka!
How do you do, is it ...?
They are illness, an injury, and ? carried out at the time of a school festival.
Is flying in the sky first as for you?

T... That's right.

It is easier absolutely to have fallen asleep, even if it strained itself if it was right.
Since there is a hypnotic.

Does it go to a distance so much?

Estimated time of arrival is at least 6 hours after.
The destination is still secret.

There ...
To the destination ... Is the Iriya ?


That ...

An aircraft carrier, Ticonderoga.

It comes and is bad to a distant place.

It seems that it was serious.

Old difficulty is light when compared with the difficulty of what and future.

That ...

The Iriya refused the sortie.
It was suggested that it was disagreeable to become this last moment and to already fight.
We cannot do what, either.
There is possibility of the worst and suicide.

It ... Why ?
If war has already ended?

Whom did it ask?
Such a talk.

It is television...

Iriya ?
Where is the Iriya?

Therefore, it has shown around now.
Iriya. Asaba came.
Hey, doesn't what is not got blocked stop and talk to me and you only by three persons of Asaba?

The safety of honesty and the body cannot be secured.
I think that it protects and it cannot be done even if it has an emergency thing, when it goes to the other side completely, although the best renders.

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