Thursday, October 9, 2008

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 3/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 3/4

Iriya !
Iriya !
Iriyaya !
Iriya ... Iriya.
Does it understand?
I am whom?



Why is Asaba here?
Why ... Why didn't it return until now?
Why ... Has it carried out by placing me?
Has it already become disagreeable in my thing etc.?
To ... Has it carried out? a tendency ... It is since it became... It is since it became disagreeable... I am deserted.
It is pitch-black night... Really pitch-black ... It was fearful.
Was dreadful... He thought that it returned... It had been waiting all the time...
It is ... I consider... dark... It is fearful... Asaba is not already my thing... It is to become disagreeable.
It is fearful... It is hard... It becomes pitch-black rapidly... Pitch-black ...

I'm sorry for saying a severe thing.
It was not earnest.
Do nothing to Iriya -- there is nothing -- being mortifying . He gets angry for himself and it becomes unavoidable...
Such a thing -- it has said.
However, ... in fact ...

If it thought that I persuaded, it needs unluckily!
It is not made Iriya in a sortie etc.!

Asa... ba...

The Iriya is not made to die absolutely.
If it is for the Iriya to be useful, human beings should just also be ruined anything!

I like the thing of the Iriya.
I liked the thing of the Iriya much.
Only the things of the Iriya were considered every day and every day.
The day when the Iriya does not come to a school was looking at only the desks in which the Iriya is not.
The day which came to the school comes out so much and had the fortunate Iriya.
From the day which was the pool of night for the first time... much ... up to today... much ... I liked the thing of the Iriya.
I like it from now on.
Asaba Naoyuki likes Iriya Kana thing!

Asaba was understood at last.
Therefore, it is already good.


I do not know in other persons etc., either.
It does not know, even if it dies wholly.
I also protect only Asaba.
I also fight only for Asaba and die only for Asaba.
Also me ... It is good only in Asaba.

Iriya !

High recommendation of the last back, labor.
I did not think that I went so well, either.
You will be able to get a decoration from all over the world.
Although various middles were thats, you carried out wonderful work to the last last.

Thank you. And good-bye.
Asaba Naoyuki kun

Completely ... You are the guy who is not decided to the last.
Wasn't the world ruined?
Me ... I am if it is finally killed by you... Then, it was good...

And ... the manager came back.

It cannot remember... Anything can not be remembered!

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