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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 4/4

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last) 4/4

In school, Ms. Kurobe of health who was resting from June returned, and all three public telephones that failure had became new.

And Akiho ...

I should also have the right to know!

Does Sonohara also become lonely if a base is reduced?



Mr. Naoyuki Asaba.
Although it is a shameful talk, I have almost no experience which wrote a thing called a letter.
However, I regarded only this letter as if it never writes and a true thing is not written.
Therefore, an envelope is not signed, either.

My true name is because there is nothing for Mayumi Shiina.

It is that I was ordered to perform the participation to the Roswell plan at the beginning of last year.
Only two persons, Iriya Kana and Erica Puraudfoot, survived, but the pilot of Black Manta in the time had become a problem with the serious fall of the battle volition of two persons.
Having connected and lodged them in the last-minute place fighting seemed to be only one point of protecting a friend.
It was that the only reason has been lost at last in August, last year.
A reckless run was suddenly begun in the middle of the return from the patrol duty of the Black Manta of Erica.
And only Iriya which had sortied together was in the ability to perform stopping Erica which it continues accelerating.
Iriya which received the shooting-down command pursued Erica accelerated rapidly, and was carrying out the earth also 4 round.
Though communication record in the meantime does not remain and being remained, I do not have the courage which hears it.
Then, although Iriya lapsed into the state where a kind of itself was shut and recovery was seen once, the big sequela remained.

One is lack of memory.
There was she in the head of Iriya, after already getting the story of not having sortied on that day.
Another is that Iriya came to witness the ghost of Erica.

The subject of top priority we for was recovery of the motivation of Iriya.
Give the thing which should be protected to Iriya.
It was our work.

However, August 31.
Iriya Kana escapes from the Sonohara base.
You were encountered to the pool of the Sonohara junior high school.

It is late.

About Iriya from it, you may be more detailed.

Slightly, OK.

Our activity was called little dog strategy among the staff who knows the situation.
Of course, a little dog is you.
It is this whole world including you.



Before this, it is pardon.
Or saying that it is sly, since it is the wind which stops being in the ability having become good Iriya and relations with much trouble suddenly, and Asaba has all held alone ... Or saying that it is lonely ...

That ...

I hear nothing. True.
It is after feeling inclined for Asaba to talk.
Well since it waits.

Do you have a grudge against Enomoto?

However, when carrying out soon and considering, wasn't the rightness of only only one person and he giving a little dog to Iriya believed to the last?

If it is now, I also understand Enomoto's feeling.
Of course, it was for all making Iriya sortie at the last decisive battle.
He does not plan to deny it.

The manager is also late!

What were you really doing where?

Is it angry about what?
So much.

Do you think that it waited as だ for how many hours?

However, Iriya Kana which has therefore been useful as a pilot of Black Manta can never be considered that it becomes the last last and the thing which saw by the eye, heard with the ear, and was felt with the skin becomes a charlatan by the sinfulness of a motive which gave it.


What is it? Asaba special correspondent.

I am the design of mystery circle, although thought...

The design of mystery circle.

It is what it is or ?

By the schedule which makes mystery circle from a joke plan today .
Good-bye -- the U.S. Forces and good-bye -- a phantom fighter.
Is the manager of the mystery of the mystery circle which looks down on the Sonohara base the first person to bring it up?

Mystery circle?
Phantom fighter?
It is behind!

I do.
Even one person.

Doing is.
Or the meaning of making mystery circle ?


One person also serves and it is ?.


It surely serves and is ?.


Before making it like.


Since Asaba is.
It is believed that it was enough for Kana-chan.

And I make summer finish.

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