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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last)

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu 6(Last)

It is told from Enomoto that the last decisive battle is the three-day back, and Asaba

comes back to a house.

And Asaba in which the clock is held in bedding.

It is reported by news that war ended when it passes over 0:00 at midnight.

Enomoto says.
Skirmish-war of a fellow creature .
It is said that they are both of war with an alien.

Probably, war which was told by news and which ended said the thing of war of the fellow

creature on the earth.

Words of the mother of Asaba .
Something is like a curse video.

This language of me was impressive.

And Asaba goes to school.
Probably it is long late and ... is conjectured.
If the door of a classroom is opened, the teacher has already talked.

Asaba says there.
Unworthy, Naoyuki Asaba I have returned.

These words.
Can these words be told present-day junior and senior high school students?

However it may see, it is although the attack soldier was specially told to die for a

country in the Second World War.
He is me who return with the mischief of fate and imagine a lack in the place of the body.

It was helpful for experience of Mr. Asaba and you growing up you.
He is me who want to come to say so.

However, Asaba goes out again at the request from a self-defense army.
While it probably turns out that it is Ilya's thing .
The last decisive battle of future is completely not knowing.

And the letter from Ms. Shiina.
The portion which was indefinite until now becomes clear in the contents of the letter.
I think that it is a thing too much heavy as recollections of and summer.

Much animation is seen.
The beginning to this animation is a fabrication...
There is much what is absolutely regarded as impossible with it being realistic (the

present science).
Only this work is about whether it is a fabrication truly...
Even if it understands, possibly it is ? truly.
I may think that I am such.

And it is also about depiction of war.
Crash sudden in a town with a base, a blasting accident.
And war generating.

War which I imagine was the work which is different fairly.
A situation is hardly told to us for reasons of news censorship.
Though called danger in war, it is living ordinarily.
However, it is in the place which we do not know.
Preparations of war are made and it is war outbreak.

The classmates of Asaba (many people) .
Although it is called war, prices go up and movement becomes inconvenient.
But it is living, without changing anything.

Which probably has feelings called war?

There are also those who are crawling on and fighting the body like Ilya on the other hand.
It is the place that nobody knows...
If this is just actual?
I will think so.

When the present situation is seen .
The price of oil rises and many things raise the price along with it.
It is the same as a price increase because there are few contents even if it calls it price

Butter disappears from a shop front till the other day.
It is explained that it is for the flow of a thing to have changed by development of the

China economy.

However, fighting is held in the place which we do not know.
It is not reported at all.
If many resources are invested there ...

Asaba must have finished war...
Words of Enomoto when saying.
Who said so?
Asaba is got to know by the news of television.
Supposing it is the thing with which the news were made ...

That which Enomoto wanted to say (the author wanted to say) .
It is see actual essence by your eye, without being confused by news.
I feel it such.

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