Monday, October 13, 2008

Shakugan no Shana Movie 1/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 1/10

Those who are not men are rampanting to the shadow on the day of this world.
They who came from the next world where he cannot walk along this world are called Tomogara of Guze.
They lurk daily of people and eat people's every day.
But, one person is not in those who notice the existence, either.

Thank you.

Next Sakai!

Y, yes!
The father returned from Tokyo.


Hi! Ike!
Isn't it clean-up duty today?

I had other persons replace.
It is a trial examination in a preparatory school.

Is already it preparation of a university entrance examination?

Well, pocket money will be influenced if parents' mood is not taken, either since.

It is free, and the station previous line also carries out CD check, and thinks like

previous line.


Is a Kazumi lover Sakai-kun?


Since it associates and is long, it understands immediately.

But ... the and ...

Since it is good and good.
If Kazumi is Sakai-kun, it may be able to cooperate mutually.

It is as cooperation?


At that, it is unreasonableness in cooperation.
Does he do his best by himself?


Wasn't Ike-kun together in today?

Since that fellow is a preparatory school today.

Why ?
Since it is always together.

Although it is not when ...

Then, isn't Ike-kun in a girl friend? Think so.

I think that it is not...

Do so?

Since I and a station building are also visited.

Well. Good-bye.

Or it meets ... To that Ike .

Useless... when running ...

It is dangerous!
It is a lie?
Hey, what is this?

It needs carrying out the completion of preparation.

Is it enough, although there is no number so that it considered.

It obtains and is.

Eat -- eat.

It is delicious and delicious.

Talking should stop eating.
It is disgraceful.


H... Hirai-san!

That and what is it?

Now, isn't Tomogara it?

But it is moving in Huuzethu.
This and Miss Tess.

Miss Tess.
The Torch containing that treasure.

A change kind also with special it.
A souvenir after a long time.
The master is also delighted at him.

All right!
It is I achievement!
It caught.
It obtains.

What is it?
This child.
How ?

It is not Tomogara.
It is free Rinne.

The pendant talked!

It did a ghost!
It does not allow.

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