Monday, October 13, 2008

Shakugan no Shana Movie 2/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 2/10


They tried to have been that and cast skin.

It slipped out of the main part suddenly.

Or that it is still in near.

This is Miss Tess.

And it is visible in it being a little curious.

W... What?
W... Why ?
It was cut.
It was cut.

The hair of a flame, and the eye which burns.
God of the flame which made this world.
Is it Alastor's Hureimu-heizu.
The tool for this shooting and ruining.

That's right. Therefore, what?

The master of mine is not silent.

Well, a death cry will be raised immediately.

The body ...

But now ... Tell yours first for the time being.
That is a main part.

It is back!

It has escaped.
Although unexpectedly large one is likely to be back in case of that way of talking.

The king of Guze may be able to be beaten after a long time.
Even so, ...

Help me!
It is painful ... it is a wish an ambulance.

Already .
It is noisy and noisy!
Don't make noise to the extent that it was cut now!

Such ...

A vessel while in life is found.
If it was man, when the serious wound is received, it is a death on the spot.

If it is man ?
If it does not stop early ... Blood and blood!
It has not come out.
What has become?
It is a dream too?
Obtaining !
Fire and fire!
Obtain and do what?

Now .

It returned.
It was good.

A Torch is right jealousy now.
Several pieces are used to correct?

Even so, it is eating gaily.

A fellow's Lord is very devouring.

Has not he noticed all?!
What was there?
What is it?
It is what be.
Such ... why.
By no means ... Wait just for a moment!
What is really a while ago it?
It has gone to where the child and where that were a while ago!
To it ... Visible in Hirai-san and others ...

It is noisy already .
Alastor. Can you come and erase?

No, don't open Miss Tess carelessly.

Although it understands a while ago since this being noisy .
What is necessary is just to teach truth.
Then, this will also become silent.

It is what!
A while ago since this this. People are said like a thing.

Yes, you are not a man.
A thing .
A monster a while ago is Rinne.
The hand of Tomogara of Guze the bottom .
Those fellows appear in here and there in the world, and eat existence of people.
It means that the human being who had existence consumed had not been from the start.
But if existence disappears suddenly, since the balance in the world will collapse, the Torch is placed.


The human being who disappeared leftovers .
You .
Real you had existence consumed and are long ago dead.

Such ... foolish ...

Is it visible?
Your light.
He is not only you.
That all a light appears meet into the body.
Leftovers of the human being who existence was consumed and disappeared.
A Torch .
But since it is the shock absorbing material of disappearance after all, it is smaller and

smaller and a gap disappears.

Does it disappear?

Yes, it disappears.
Explanation, the end.

I ... Already ... Is it dead?

Till when does it follow?

Since my house is here.

That is right.

I am already dead ... being disagreeableness and being dead -- Yuji Sakai -- me ... it is

useless -- the head does not follow.
That ...

It is noisy and noisy!
Is there still anything?

What are you?

I am Hureimu-heizu.

Hure ... i ... What?

Those who hunt up and ruin Tomogara of Guze which consumes existence things .
The Torch was placed how and it is deception of the spot after all.

The fact of the crisis in the world of overhunting of existence does not change since.


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