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Shakugan no Shana Movie 3/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 3/10

I am sorry.
The master.
One favorite Rinne has been lost.

You are not bad at all.
It was only somewhat troublesome Freimu-Heizu.
To the extent that he wants to praise rather the achievement which found Miss Tess.

It has missed.
It is a wish.
Please let me hunt that Miss Tess.

Your feeling is glad.
But it does not hurry.
It thinks well and is carefully.
Since a partner is Hureimu-Heizu of God of the fire which made this world.


Marianne -- looking at Haridan.
It is very beautiful!
Let's experience this time now.
Forget in the thing of Hureimu-Heizu etc.

Yuu-chan. Breakfast was able to be carried out.

It goes now.

Is it new?
Yuu-chan is a late riser.
You will sleep quickly. When you think that it came back yesterday also, are you bad also in condition?

No by chance.

It zooms in from the Gobi of a sandstorm here today also!

Oh, it is that it is the Gobi.
Now, father should be carrying out.
Or being reflected.

That is right.
Well, it is OK too.
A mother is not a torch.
If I already get to know that it is dead, does it mean that ... had not been in the child from the beginning, either?
You will not be from the beginning as make it feel sad or .
No, isn't it any longer?
Real Yuji Sakai.

Yuu-chan. Did it carry out if you please?

To no, an exception .

If it does go any longer.
It is severe to this teacher and time.
A line comes.

Take care.

What be in it I now worried.
If it is real Yuji Sakai, although it despairs or naturally becomes uneasy ... He is me...

It is why here.

I considered it earlier to watch rather than you in search of Tomogara of Guze.
Since it is you and a quite new Torch.
It surely comes again.

Well ... When saying so, that Rinne had said my thing as Miss Tess yesterday.

The way remembered well.

The Torch which put in the treasure implement which Tomogara of Guze made, and the power itself is called Miss Tess.

Treasure implement?

A new thing like a precious article.
A treasure implement will be transferred to the following Torch at random, if a Torch is burned out.
The treasure warehouse in which it will travel if it says.

He is me why?

It does not know.
Since it moves freely in the way of a treasure implement.

Probably, the enemy will aim, before you are burned out.

Before being burned out ...
What am really I?

A torch it is Miss Tess .

But it is the thing as Yuji Sakai which I consider.

Since it is leftovers, it is natural, and it is.

It is so...

Even so, ...
This town has too many Torches.

It cannot be said that it is simple too.

It ...
Light ... It is small...

Probably, it already runs short.

However, it was attacked yesterday.

Then, it was eaten more mostly.
Since yesterday's Rinne and others ate gaily and it disarranged.

Good morning!
That good morning.

Go... .

This ... That Hirai-san?

Having today being full .

Such ? !
Can't it return to origin somehow?

It is impossible.
Since it is leftovers.
He is already dead.

It ... It is too severe.

It is late.
I will run.
Carry out fine appearance more.

It is what?
It did not say "Return at the time of yourself." .

It will be transposing to others' body and being able to feel actually at last.

Hirai-san. It is nothing to disappear.

Isn't a girl friend in Ike-kun?

Hey, it is lateness thoroughly.

I am sorry.

Sakai, one.

Also that Hirai-san.

Do so?
Was it together?
It is good.
Early seat.

What is the matter?
It is new.

Wholly, Hirai-san is not seen.

Hirai-san and a lunch.

Obtaining another .

It is good.

Although it is good.

Then, the lecturers of the new preparatory school were what and the big brother of Murata.

Ike. Does it go to a preparatory school today?

No, it is closed today.

Then, how about going to play after school and in front of a station?
Hirai-san is also together.
Is it free at any rate?


I will give up and go.
It is that Hirai-san and Ike also go.

Ike, adhere more.
It goes.
With fairly good touch .
I am the slightly obstructive?
In pardon, he is Hirai-san.

Hey you ...

What next is done?
Goods catcher?
Hirai-san, and Ike and a versus fighting game?
Ike. Play with Hirai-san just for a moment.
Since it returns immediately.

Hey, Sakai!

Since it is you and a lure, keep still to a slight degree!
That is a free Torch even if it sympathizes how much.
Disappearing is not avoided.

But everybody Hirai-san thing if you do not forget!

It is useless.

Even when it is useless ...

Such a foolish torch -- it saw for the first time.

A pond and Hirai-san?

Hirai-san is what?

He is Hirai-san.
It must have been together.

Is that right?

" -- that is right -- ?."
By no means -- Hirai-san -- already ...

If it says so, although it will also feel like as having gone away a while ago.

Is it true?
Did it go away?

many .
Oh! It can come and, possibly clears.

Ike. It is why so indifferent!
Remember perfectly!
It must have been together by until three persons a while ago?
Hirai-san ... Hirai-san ...

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