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Shakugan no Shana Movie 4/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 4/10

Isn't a girl friend in Ike-kun?

Hey Sakai how was carried out?
Is it OK?

It is not the result of Ike.
This is a Torch.

What is it?
That fellow.

It still disappears and something is not, Hirai-san.
Since it asks, it is still ...

It completely said, "Don't loiter." .

It was in here good.
Since Ike has business.
If it cuts its my place, it will become Ike and a two-shot.

Since I like this scene ...

It met or, therefore, came.
Hirai-sam. It will be how to take Ike tomorrow.
Here Ike therefore ... don't disappear!
Hirai-san ...

This a Torch .
Useless, even if it carries out what.
Leftovers are burned out some day.
Nobody remembers the existence and marks do not remain, either.

It is different!
It is different.
I know!
Hirai-san was.
She is that Ike liked.
She was Yukari Hirai!
She was absolutely!
Here ... It was.

It is right?

I am also here.
I know that I am Yuji Sakai.

You are a free Torch.

I am still Yuji Sakai.
Even you ...

I am free Hureimu Heizu.
So much.
A certain semantic Torch being the same .

"Free" a way of speaking already stop!

However, it is a thing right that.
You are a free Torch.
I am free Hureimu Heizu.

It is different!

It is not different.

She is you why... ?


Name ...
Please let me know your name.

There is no name.
Free Hureimu Heizu.

Moreover, it said.
It is noisy and noisy!
It is not needed in a name etc.!
When distinguishing from other Hureimu Heizu, it passes by Hureimu Heizu of Nietono-no-Shana.


It is the name of the large sword which this child has.
Then, you are Shana.
From now on, I call so.
You are Shana.
It is already free Hureimu Heizu.
I am not also a free Torch.
I am Yuji Sakai.

Don't name freely.

Kazumi and a bath were ready.

It will pass tomorrow.
For Sakai-kun .
But is it troublesome, if there is also no reason and it passes?
Consult with Yukari-chan.

Hey, what did it do?

Ike. That ...

In how did Hirai-san do?

That why ?

It asks, Ike.
Homework should answer and teach.

I understand.
It is better to have washed you and a face.

What are you doing?

It must have said.
It is to watch you.

Even so, it is till such a place.
To it, it is the seat of Hirai-san there.

Yukari Hirai is me.
It was made to sink below me in Yukari Hirai's existence.

W... Was it made to interrupt?

Use yesterday's leftovers.

But a face is completely ...

Good morning.
Sakai-kun, good morning.

Good morning.

It was able to say.

Although Yoshida-san had Hirai-san and good relations, she has not noticed at all.

It is not the thing which imitate the original human being of interrupting existence, which will be melted and to say.
Existence was replaced to me in Yukari Hirai whom others recognized.

Such ...

Thank you for the note borrowed in the meantime.


It is different... I know.
Yukari Hirai is ... someone.
Good morning, Shana.

It seems that that Hureimu Heizu has kept an eye on Miss Tess.

Probably, it is waiting for us to aim.

It is the right judgment.
It is very right.
Or as desired one, that I will go out ?
It is clear that I am interested in the treasure implement in Miss Tess.

Please send to me by all means.
Don't remain failure the other day as it is.

I understand.
But a partner is since it is Enpathu Shakugan.
It has this and is going.

Don't separate from an I side.

It is my freedom.

Doesn't it return together today, Yukari-chan?
Consultation just for a moment ...

Uselessness, a busy thing.

Do so.
Some my Yukari-chan of today is fearful.

Shana ...

Although I want a bookstore to keep company for return.

It came.

This is during this period?

Huuzethu .

It waits just for a moment and this is a school.

It is not related in a place.
Since you are here.
It is having expected easily.

Please wait yet everybody.

The enemy Huuzethued.
If it says beyond?

The way things stand, everybody is involved in.
I have to do somehow.
It is my cause.
It is pardon just for a moment.

Such a thing.

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