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Shakugan no Shana Movie 5/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 5/10

Yoshida-san ... Yoshida-san!

The same Rinne as during this period.
Your master's name.

I ... Do you consider, if it says?

No, obtaining well having only checked.
But as much therefore as a useless piece is already taken out in trickles it will be foolish.

You ...

Hello, a small child.
It is suitable encounter when you meet a demon.

It understands.
This is Guze-no-Tomogara.

It is for even a sword to come out and to endure so far the Regular Sharp which is the treasure implement of my boast.

The master.
I am sorry.

My way apologizes.
An unfamiliar treasure implement giving pardon .
Hureimu-Heizu completely does a severe thing.

You are a master.

Yes, the hunter Huriagune.
It is my name.
This is the first time that it meets directly.
God of the fire of world creation, Alastor.

It should not be confused by appearance.
He is the king of mighty Guze which has also buried many Hureimu-Heizu making full use of many treasure implements.


It is your contractor.
Is it Hureimu-Heizu with the hair of a flame, and the eye which burns?
I thought whether to have been how much person.

It is that it is what.

The fire which is creation God in the world God .
A contractor is such a thing called useless possession also in the power of the magician of great Guze if poor.

Is it found out whether it is useless possession?

Many Hureimu-heizu said so also fell before me.
Miss Tess cannot be involved in.
Moreover, it comes.
Since this is my hunting space.
What is contained?
The inside.
It is pleasure.

It was not free Tomogara too.
The king of Guze.
It is also hunter Huriagune.
Reason also aims at Miss Tess.

Was it called hunting space?
That fellow a thing with many Torches in this town .

It comes out, and it is satisfactory if it is.

He is a fellow very.
If the broken place is not corrected.
Since it moves aside and that fellow is used.

Using is?

The place which broke using the power of that fellow's existence is corrected.

Use Yoshida-san

Since Tomogara eats and there is no torch of remnants so, does it use that the it was close to death?
If it is man, it is alone sufficient enough that it is also close to death.
Is that fellow satisfactory at all, if it arranges as a torch?

There is greatly a problem!
Yoshida-san me are they things as dying like?

It is unavoidable.
If there is nothing the power it is weak to origin, since it cannot correct.
Although another fellow is sufficient.
That fellow.

Such a thing.

Then, do you also use?

Then, it is good.

Do what?
Although complained, it decides simply fairly.

It is not easy.

Then, is time left behind with what thrown away?

It does not throw away.
It employs efficiently!

It is very strange ...
It is strange... It is different.
It is disagreeable... So disagreeable fellow.

Power was used quite unreservedly.

It is unavoidable.
Since that fellow began speaking from himself.
The way it still left.

It was here too.

Is be and it bad?

Aren't there such a thing and a word?

Why did self etc. understand that it was here?

Since he had a feeling which is somehow.

It will also understand, if it attends at discovery of the power of only that.

What business.

Is it called business?
If the girl was on the roof, since it does not settle down.
Doesn't it go into inside?


Does it get wet?
Generally, if I am watched, I will think that it is better to be in a side.

Well ...

Couldn't it imagine?

Like saying so self-importantly .

Something is ... self-importantly independently.

It enters.

T... That is right.
Use the bed.
Since I go to sleep in a father's study room.

Although it entered in order to watch you, why does he sleep in another room?

It ...

You began speaking.
Sleep here.

What do you do?

I change my clothes.
Is it natural?

No -- however, ... obtaining - and ... a somewhere place.

What is confused.
You cares...

Dive into somewhere.

W, well.

Carry out early!

Give without hurrying.


Don't look into!

Not looking into is!

He has asked whether they are a pajamas and the thing which it has.

There is nothing.
As for it being, only underwear is.
Since Alastor purifies the dirt of the body with a flame, although feeling changes it.

The torch was made in this town today as the hunter who came to the school.

It is also in the amount of larges.
Tomogara does not usually eat people like this in one town.
Although it is a Torch for maintaining balance, if a number increases, since the distortion of the world will become large too.

However, as for a hunter's aim, just it is not found.


If there are many torches, Miss Tess like you will also tend to be born.

Like self, it wears, and it comes and Hureimu-Heizu can also be brought near.
It is just hunting space.

But a little margins are too much not to understand what kind of Hureimu-Heizu or.

It will be fatal if surely it passes also over play.
Although dressed with a king mighty from the first ...

There is something in which that fellow can have confidence.
It understands, if it fights things .

You are school closed tomorrow. Then, don't you come out of a town?
Moreover, it is since it is disagreeable if those who are involved in come out.

It is good.
But you come together.
Since it is a lure.

Well, it understands.

It is painful...

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