Friday, October 17, 2008

Shakugan no Shana Movie 6/10

Shakugan no Shana Movie 6/10

About ten more shots were knocked.

It does not understand.
That is a Torch.

It ...

It is ashamed of what in the place which exposed the naked body in front of the tree or the stone.
If it is usual you ...

Something was only disagreeable!

That is, do you call that the human being concerned after a long time?

He is not man.
Free which disappears immediately a Torch .

Who notices and there is no coconut.
God of the fire of that world creation.

But the master ... Hureimu-Heizu also fixed its eyes on this town more often.

It is OK, Marianne.
Because the power for try the back doing for a while gathers.
An obstacle etc. is carried out and there is no end.
The Torch is shining like this.
If this plan is successful, you will be no longer a tool called Rinne etc.
It gets used to one existence which can make a living in this world.

The master.
I have already obtained sufficient thought.

It is or is still insufficient.
If you cannot give power from me, you will disappear without having with three days.
It is a too much transitory existence.

I believe that it is the bonds with the master which are hard to divide.

Oh!, Marianne.
You say a very delightful thing.
Also coming out ... I want to surely finish .
The meaning which crossed and came from Guze.
The reason for having searched for existence at this world.
Since all were for Marianne and you.

It is convinced.
The number of these Torches -- it is not common.
Does it stink more than rumor?
This town.

Yes, surely it stinks.
Your corky breath is needed!

It is silently. Foolish Marco.
Oh! ?
There is also a sign of Hureimu-Heizu.

Is a hand pulled if men of the same trade have taken in advance?

It is such a rule and where.
The way found previously strikes and kills.
It is right.

Just like that!
It riots for a while!
My goblet to love and Marjorie - Dou !.



It is Hureimu-Heizu.

From very cold Everest to live broadcast .
The photography party broke through the place now called a yellow bunt.
It is that 3000 and we are in the place most called difficult part even in Everest.

Too useless ... It cannot do passing Sakai-kun a cookie yet.
I will wait until courage comes out to a slight degree.
The time when it can surely say some day comes.


It understands.
Wait just for a moment.

It was said that he did not want to fight here...
Did it see, Alastor?
The light of that.

Possibly entering into Miss Tess who bears is ...

It does not get used too.
A light appears.
It seems that it is peeping into people's life.
It beats like the heart and shines.


What kind of thing is it?

It is how and strikes... Cannot you see, either?
The light has shaken or swollen.


No, it is not visible to self.

However like that clearly .

You are too strange Miss Tess.
I think that it is the result of the treasure implement included in inside.

It is a probably quite special thing.
If it does not vacate and confirm, it cannot say clearly.
The beat of the Torch which you says is worrisome from it.
What has happened to others?

Although that is all right as long as I see.

It does not usually carry out in a beat etc.

Or it is not found that the Torches of all these towns have become so.


Is it a certain mechanism?


Is it Jizaihou of detection?

Why the present man did it disappear?

Using Jizaihou, the power of existence is required.
Therefore, the Torch would be used.

such ! ?
Who is such a thing?
Is it that Huriagune?

No, Hureimu-Heizu currently felt from last night.

It seems that it does not leave.

Is Hureimu-Heizu other than Shana?

Don't call by the name!
He notices, even when it is disagreeable, if it is Hureimu-Heizu, since there are this much many Torches.

He plans to decoy out a hunter.

Matthew, Marco, Luke, John.
The bogy which allots the four quarters and breaks the dream of a bed should be nudged!

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