Friday, October 10, 2008

Shakugan no Shana OVA 1/3

Shakugan no Ahana OVA 1/3

Suburban study of love and a hot spring!

The brother of Aizen shoots it to Shana and it is ruined.
And while until Kamsing comes it is only small.
It was the occurrence which refrained from the summer vacation close at hand.

Oga-chan. It does not call and end such at the time.
I ... like Oga-chan!
This is love!
That is, love.
When to write becoming, I will start with the right clean association on the assumption that marriage.


In then, the beginning ...
It said.

I understand.
It understands, and although cooked, it is necessary to see no such dreams on such a day.

Were there any persons of both?

To an exception .

Sakai-kun needs to care about nothing.


However, it is dull.

It is unavoidable to come to such a long distance and to see a temple and a shrine.

Don't say so.

And face does not look to advantage.

Since it played truant when you are group arrangements, I asked and I had you put into Ike-kun place.

Understanding is.

Is it kicked whether it is troublesome? Oga-chan.

If it まぁ and understands, although it is good.

How is it?

Does it eat?

What is this?

It ...


You are quiet much. Did it carry out if you please?

Wish... Don't apply language...


It can wait and is Ike!
Where are a bag and a bag?

It is... in the pocket on a seat surely...

Don't drop!

although it is inspection for every group generally -- a group leader -- bus drunkenness -- a down -- do whereabouts?

It quite had an advanced disease.

It is the way which could come for that to be sufficient.

It was blue only by seeing a bus a long time ago.

I also regard it as how it is...

This is the high recommendation sightseeing spot of an inner shrine.

Sato. How is it?

It was wide opened from the bus at last, and the body could not obtain but was just going to carry out .

Many things are said and it completely frolics.

Has it carried out?
Although it is reputation as surely being connected when it is called the stone steps of this matchmaking and reaches by two persons ...


Sakai-kun. We also need to reach.

Just for a moment, how many victory hand is decided on?

It is not related to Yukari-chan.

It is!

Just for a moment ...

Lift the hand of yours and Yuji!

Just Yukari-chan should just detach!

That... just for a moment ... two persons!

When reached with three men and women, did you hand down that relations go sour and introduce perfectly?

The intention of reaching such a place and doing what by you two men.

It was simultaneous arrival.

It was a good match.

I will return soon.

Oga-chan. If not early, a bus will carry out.

Yoshida-san. OK.


Don't pull so much.

My rival was you somehow.

Isn't it a charter?

I am sorry.
Although I refused as since one visitor comes in fact on this daytime and it is a charter, it is a basis why...

It is anywhere.

Such a selfish fellow.

It was troubled.

Do you say?


It understands.

However, unless it moves from the other side, it does not care.

It is for the, and is peevish and the way of assignment of rooms is changed a little.

Even so, ... only an inner group becomes the man-and-woman same room why -- boil.

It is unavoidable.

Somewhere is surely ... like this.

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