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Shakugan no Shana OVA 2/3

Shakugan no Shana OVA 2/3

Somewhere surely becomes like this.

A partition is also in it.

But now ...

Don't shout so.

Since even we are troubled.

It will be troubled if it looks into spare clothing at Oga-chan.

W...Who looks into?



Oh, Nakamura-san.

Turn came.

I will go to a bath.

It is that it is not useless and good.

A fool, you.
It is special suburban study.
Do you drop off and what do we do with it?

Well, well.

But it is to look into the woman.

Don't utter loud voice.

It is good or this is a wonderful tradition which passes to the Misaki high school.
By this suburban study, the whole of every senior looked into ladies' bath, and he became


Yes, it became large variously.

Well, well.

Just by looking into here, he is true Sei Misaki.
The true man rubbed.

But ...

That my Yoshida-chan goes into it now.

Yoshida-san ?.

It must have seen, when you also went to a pool.

Yes, they are those Pururun star people that were hidden in a veil called a uniform and

that are likely to burst usually.

Pururun star people.

However, ...

Isn't it good?
Everybody does make it like.


Our group leader understands the talk truly.

Then -- instantly .

Ike. you do not come -- allowing.

Since it is good and good.

How is it?

Is it visible?

Don't push.

Carry out early.

It is uncanny!

It is large!

It is this neighborhood surely in case of a senior's talk.

How is it?

It cannot be clearly seen with steam.

It is which.

What is it?

Is there nothing without being completely visible?

Therefore, it said!

It is impatient.

Get... !

It has been visible for a while.

Did it come too?

It is a swimming suit why?

It is not only me.

It is a swimming suit all the members!

You are dirty!

That is right and right!

Which is dirty?

Fool -- stop!

Dialog uselessness!

It is cold!

As there is tradition looked into to a boy, a woman also has the tradition which prevents

it -- things .

Correct a partition at a brisk pace and return!


There is that no.

It is entire.

Since there is neither true, inattention nor spare time.

It was good to bring a swimming suit as Ogata-san said too, although considered by no means

at first.

A man -- all -- being such -- since it rubbed.

Although it seems that the praiseworthy person who did not look into was also.

However, although it is a special bath, now, it is not so pleasant.

So is it.


Since Tanaka and others probably also learned by experience, does it remove and enter?


But Yoshida-san has a large true breast.

Despite the appearance does it say? Does it say as appearance?

It is disagreeable -- without it sees so much.

It is good.

Since the thing of Kazumi is wholly enviable.

I also need to make it touch.

Also me ...

Also me ...

Also me.

It is soft!

By the way, the boy who is aiming at someone for all -- is it?

What -- Kimiko.


It is suburban study -- a thing.
Are such talks time-tested products?

Then, it is from Kazumi.

I... I am ... independently.

But it is disclosed and disclosed.

It is a thing to ask very much personally from Ms. Kazumi Yoshida's mouth.

Come to stop.
Such a thing -- if you do not want to say -- saying -- it is not .

Oga-chan. It is bad with a stake!

Then, whom is Hirai-san aiming at?

Oh! It is also worried!

Teach and teach.

Aiming is... To an exception ... It is although it will shoot and ruin also by whom if

mischief is done.

As for it, if it is a poor type, anyone is things as OK.

It is order per Hirai-san and hand.

It is that it is unexpected and that it is a defect lover.

It is sly!


Ike. Doesn't it come out any longer?

Quiet .

It goes into hot water so much, and even if he feels dizzy, it does not know.
It comes out previously.


What is the matter?

Just for a moment.

Sato and Tanaka?

Although it seems that they went out somewhere.


Now ... Sato was looking at the guidebook there.

Husband-and-wife cape. Spot of the mystery which love accomplishes.
The tradition of a husband-and-wife cape -- when two men and women are handed down to the

folktale as a place which checks and promises the love mutually before a full moon and

promise more a full moon in ancient times, it is said that the love becomes an eternal



Famous also for being the appearance spot of a mirage in the talk of those who can command

a whole view of the inside of the bay in the place where the entrance to a path through a

wood is located [ at ] in the place which went up the hill from the harbor to the lower

part side, and half a sum walked along that, and take a local relish.
The stand of the stone which promises a husband-and-wife cape and is called a place is

installed, and it is said that love accomplishes if the language of an oath is cried for in

a big voice on this stand.

Don't do.

Just you.

B... By no means ... Those two persons ...

It is the beautiful sea.


Doesn't it call as my thing and Keisaku?

Is it good?


Ke... Keisaku.

Eita ...

No, !!

What is it doing?


One bad also in condition?

No, it is OK.
Energy, energy.

I'm sorry, please take soy sauce, Yoshida-san.

With this vinegared dish .
It is useless.

Give me.



Thank you.

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