Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shakugan no Shana OVA 3/3

Shakugan no Shana OVA 3/3

Tanaka. Is mine eaten?

Oga-than. Had not the thing without tastes called it boast etc.?

W ... well.

Hey, since it is not a schoolchild, make it random.

Since it is always doing in such a scene, it is good.

Yes, it meets.

Always do.

Just for a moment!
I need to also be letting him join us.

It is this team division why.

It is unavoidable.

It is a handicap -- a handicap.

Yes, it meets.

Oga-chan belongs to the ballet part.

Although that I want to feel relieved.

A rule is touch like dodge ball suitably.
The way where the general was damaged previously is defeat.
Since a foul is taken severely, it means to.

Is it in a foul with a suitable rule?

Means, which goes!

OK? Ike-kun.

Those with spare time!



Hey, is it OK?
What are you doing?

It must be the defeat here if a general is damaged.

Even so, don't strain yourself too much.


Ike-kun, Ike-kun!

What is the matter?

In both, a general still remains...

I already go to sleep.


Ogata-san. Did it carry out if you please?

Anything ...

If it is right, although it is satisfactory ...

I am not doing what.

Who makes people's alcohol unsavory with the irritating sigh?

I am sorry.

Is it the direction at which the deer also of that ... was carried out, and it stayed by diving?

Being such.
The young man who came out and made alcohol unsavory.
Don't you tell a relish in talk etc. at least?

But I am even if it calls it the talk...

The reason about which it worries.


Is it love if it is called a trouble of a young man?

I... It is it why.

Now, you confessed.
Not affection but love.
Did it collide for the time being?
Many of troubles in love are cut from the feeling which has not clarified before that.
A day does not come in tomorrow.
If you want to change painful now, it is necessary to move now.
Move now is rather than waiting for tomorrow.

Thank you.

Gradually, it is my irresponsible adviser Marjory Dou.
The passing young woman was cooked suitably and trained again.

Is it satisfactory, if exact even when it is irresponsible?
A trouble is solved.
A bathroom becomes quiet and is killing two birds with one stone.


Even so, does it collide with a party very?

It is as Tanaka.

Was anything?

There is a talk.


Well and its ... or it calls it what ... the me ... now changing ... therefore ... the ... me ...

Was it in such a place?
It did not know that Oga-chan was half asleep like that.
Ike is as it is a not big injury.

That is right.

Tanaka ... That me ...

Don't care.
Since even Ike was not done purposely.
Although a few was done too much.

It does not say so and he is me...

since it says, and it says, it not cares.
It will be breakfast soon.
If it does not come early, it will eat to the part of Oga-chan.

This insensible man!

It is painful!

What is carried out!

What -- what -- !.
Any longer, it does not know!

I understand.
It is a lie -- it is a lie.
Since it leaves.

Somehow, it is a tiredness seed.

After all, was it the place which learns what as suburban study?

Self is not known.

Is it OK?
Ike. It is Hold on! just for a moment.

Open a window!


The present voice and who is it?

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